Trimix and venous leakage

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Re: Trimix and venous leakage

Postby JJ1234 » Thu May 13, 2021 12:00 am

PHALLUS....have u ever tried combining oral viagra and the 6u of trimix? Has anyone ever tried combining?

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Re: Trimix and venous leakage

Postby Growinjim » Fri May 21, 2021 9:30 am

I've had good results with the Giddy split ring which has nubs ro retard blood outflow from the dorsaal vein. Sizing is critical: too loose doesn't constrict enough and too tight is hard to put on and restricts flow. I position it as close to body as possible. Without Trimix it takes a few minutes to get fully erect. With Trimix, I have to use the largest size.
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Re: Trimix and venous leakage

Postby crazyjoe » Sun May 23, 2021 11:25 am

Does anyone think it's possible that Trimix increases venous leakage? i.e. does it increase the size of the dorsal vein and thereby provide a larger route for the leakage?
I am far from a medical expert so please consider this just a layman's dumb question, fwiw. Will welcome opinions, thank you.

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Re: Trimix and venous leakage

Postby Robert66 » Sun May 23, 2021 9:56 pm

Another theory i have been injecting 2 years fine tuned dose to 1 to 2 hours... Now all i get is 20 min so thinking 6 months ago i started daflon and fish oil blood thinners and as i already have a leakage i thinking huu i check my bp for years 120/80////125/85 now 145/ 96 what thin blood leak faster??

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