Trimix ingredients

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Trimix ingredients

Postby Wesbigs » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:07 pm

I have been using Trimix for about 4 or 5 months now and am happy with the erection that I get with it. One question that I have is that I dont seem the stamina control that I had before my RP surgery. Yes, I can stay hard after orgasm, but its not really comfortable and I would rather delay my orgasm and be able to control it more.
I thought that one of the ingredients in the trimix helped with premature ejaculation (can I still call it that when I don't ejaculate anymore) and I was hoping that when I went to refill my prescription next time I could have my doc tweak the prescription a bit to help that out.
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Re: Trimix ingredients

Postby bldoink » Wed Mar 18, 2020 1:56 pm

This PDF from a pharmacy (one I have no experience with) is still the best simple explanation of the ingredients an their effects I've seen:
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Re: Trimix ingredients

Postby niarceel » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:47 pm

Here's what I can tell you that may help:

1. Certain drugs reduce pleasurable sensations. I've found that any drug that reduces pain also reduces pleasure, so on the days my wife and I are going to make love, I'm very careful about what I take. I avoid aspirin, Tylenol in any form, pain killers, Flomax, and all anti-inflammatories. You should probably take one or more of these; they may desensitize you.

2. Wipe the most sensitive parts of your penis (usually the glans) with a local anesthetic a few minutes before intercourse. You can buy Orajel online. In the gel form, it is used to rub babies' gums when they are teething to soothe them and reduce their pain. It contains benzocaine which is pretty harmless but it should desensitize you enough to have an erection and sex so that you don't climax as easily as you otherwise would.

3. Do you know what "edging" is? It's the practice of getting right on the edge of an orgasm, and then making sure you don't have one, then resume, then make sure you don't have one, resume, etc. My wife and I have experimented with edging and found we can have intense, lustful intercourse for hours, literally. But, there's one drawback: After that much very intense sex, we're both desensitized and often neither of us can climax easily, if at all. But, intense sex for 2-3 hours is so good that we don't care.

4. I recommend that you withdraw from your wife as you near orgasm, give your penis and nerves a chance to calm down, then resume, Repeat as many times as necessary until your wife orgasms. Then, you can relax and climax any time. This is a form of conditioning, training yourself to go longer before climaxing. I've done it; it works.
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