Quadmix, with out (atropine)

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Quadmix, with out (atropine)

Postby RockyinNM » Wed Mar 11, 2020 5:36 pm

Hello All,
I have been injecting for 5-6 years--I started out with bi-mix, went well for a time, then went to Trimix, starting out on a somewhat low dose, and 6 years latter I'm into the (rocket-fuel) as some would say---(30-2-120)--using 75 units, and NOT being able to maintain an erection long enough to finish the job, also that much pge-1 has the tendency to remove feeling/sensitivity and does not promote ejaculation.

I'm ready to move on up to quadmix, and know this has been discussed before, but could NOT find it--I do suffer from high blood pressure, and over the course of 6 years have had (2) stints--
I need a formula without (atropine)---I think that is the one that is bad for the heart.
I'm 77 years old, and NOT-NOT going down implant lane--If I can get a year or two more with injections---I'll take it!

So, looking for a strong quadmix formula, without giving me a heart attack-lol

Not interested in cock ring, ect. tried a bunch of bands, rings--
please stick to a quadmix formul
Thanks, Rockya.
I have just age, 77-- blood pressure meds, statins for cholesterol, --that is how I got my ED
RockyinTN--left the police state of NM ;)
TRIMIX script----30mg/4mg/100mcg/

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