When a company goes the extra mile

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When a company goes the extra mile

Postby Robert66 » Fri Sep 27, 2019 8:27 pm

So i have been screwed many times trying to have a normal sex life. My last problem was i fly to us see a uro in phoenix az get a script bring back to philippines. It works but takes 65 units plus 30MG of VIAGRA. Well my 12ml did not last long .... ON a long shot i contact the pharmacy tell them my sad problem. They take over and contact the doctor get him to upgrde the mix and then send it out using my FPO address in the philippines. Dam now that is customer service at its finest

If i am allowed to say their name its community clinical pharmacy phoenix airzona. If not anyone in phoenix az pm me and i will tell you and i got these guys thanks to another member tomas1
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