Does Bimix need to be frozen or refrigerated like Trimix?

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Does Bimix need to be frozen or refrigerated like Trimix?

Postby Bob1974 » Tue May 14, 2019 6:32 pm

Alprostadil needs to be refrigerated or frozen and is usually the main ingredient in Trimix. Bimix doesn't have Alprostadil in it so I'm curious if it still needs to be refrigerated? If not that would be a big selling point for me due to is easy portability and more convenient(keep some in my nightstand) .

Question 2... Does Trimix essentially become watered down Bimix once the Alprostadil goes bad in the Trimix?
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Re: Does Bimix need to be frozen or refrigerated like Trimix?

Postby JimStars » Wed May 15, 2019 5:48 pm

My guy who used to sell me BiMix said it was not necessary to keep it frozen or cold -- just in a cool place. And he would just ship it in a regular mailer with foam padding and that was all. It is as you said: no PGE-1 degrading and the Pap and Phent don't degrade. The only other reason to keep it cold or frozen might be to keep bacteria or mold from starting up -- although have never ever had that happen as far as I can tell (which you can't unless it really became visible/cloudy or something). But if you have it hanging around for that long -- well that is just SAD that you don't use it up quicker.

Also almost forgot, PAP at 30mg/ml is right at the max solubleness for that. So if it IS cooled or frozen it can precipitate out as small crystals or even a big single crystal like an old High School Science Project. I have had it happen and its a bugger to get it to dissolve again. But except for me I don't know of anyone else who has reported that issue ever. It takes some close viewing to even notice it -- crystals can look like tiny foam or bubbles so you might not notice).

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