Do any of the ingredients on Trimix cause damage?

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Do any of the ingredients on Trimix cause damage?

Postby Stepbystep » Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:06 pm

I'm only 27 and have been using Trimix, the standard starting dosage from Empower since August '18.

I've always had spotty performance from Trimix, no idea why. Sometimes it works too well, sometimes not well enough. I've worked my way up to .20ml(started at .06) and the last few times even this isn't working well.

Can any of the ingredients in Trimix (alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine) cause damage to the tissue inside the penis? It just seems strange that I've been having to increase the dosage so quickly. Continuing this trend is obviously going to take me a point where I'm ruined for good.

Maybe my mixture is getting old, although it has been stored in the freezer.

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Re: Do any of the ingredients on Trimix cause damage?

Postby bldoink » Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:36 pm

I'm not a medical professional of any kind. Anything I post is, at best, based on my own experiences and at worst, hallucinations or delusions. Nothing I post should be misconstrued as being medical advice. It's not. Always ask your doctor and follow his/her instructions and advice.


Often it seems and is my belief that fluctuating results is usually due to an injection technique that isn't perfected.

If you're having to increase your dosage at a fairly rapid rate I would share this concern with your doctor.

It is my understanding that there is some risk of tissue damage from all of the ingredients of tri-mix, with some higher risk with some over others. It is also my understanding that the majority of users do not have significant problems with this issue. But no, like many medications it is not risk free. It is my understanding, which may well be wrong, that the alprostadil has the least tissue damage risk and the phentolamine the most. I don't believe having to increase the dosage and tissue damage are necessarily related.

If kept frozen I believe most users experience very good shelf life. I use mono-mix which is just the alprostadil. It is by far the most perishable ingredient of tri-mix. I keep mine frozen and mine still has most of it's potency at 6 months. Others have reported an even longer shelf life with tri-mix.

Good luck.
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