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Re: Trimix Help

Postby ED BLOWS » Thu Dec 27, 2018 11:19 pm

ED BLOWS wrote:
bldoink wrote:Some guys report pretty good shelf life with tri-mix refrigerated. However, alprostadil (PGE1) is supposed to have a very short shelf life when not frozen. The other 2 ingredients apparently do OK. I use mono-mix, as in just alprostadil and saline. I keep mine frozen and just take it out to draw up my syringe and back into the freezer it goes. Only my unopened vials in the back of the freezer actually get solid. It's good for at least 6 months that way with only a little decrease in potency. That's my experience. That's obviously not the official response. As always follow your doctors advice. Based on my understanding your mix isn't strong.

Ok, so after watching the video, I decided to stick with the 5/16 for this A.M try. Tried lower on the base with an attempt to aspirate with the needle in the unit before injecting. After I felt the 2 pops I figured I was in the right spot, so I pulled back on the plunger very slight but did not see blood in the hub. After trying deeper and a bit shallower, still didn't see any blood. Decided to move up the shaft toward the glands with another attempt on aspiration. No luck.. but I did feel the double pop again and tested the ease of the plunger, moved pretty effortless.

Again got 100 percent with a little stimulation from the wife and was able to complete the task, still nowhere near where I would like it to be time wise, goes to chubby after finishing in about 2 min for an hour. Still in the back of my mind that I might lose the firmness. The try was 30 units.

I'm thinking stronger script. Thanks for the replies

Merry Xmas

Update on update. After watching the video that bldoink sent, got me thinking I'm still not deep enough. Was going to switch to a half inch needle for this go around but decided to hub the 5/16 and REALLY dimple it this time, also had 40 units drawn up but also thought what happens if I hit the sweet spot and I have 40 freaking units loaded up. Backed off to 25 and tried the new method.

Needless to say, won't be asking for a stronger formula. 2.5 hours hard as a rock, fired off a couple nuts with the wife and was still hard. Made a trip to the drugs store after soaking in the tub to get it at least bendy to get some Sudafed, didn't have to use it but thought that was stupid not having it on hand.

So thanks Bladoink for the vid, this stuff really is the real deal.
Started Trimix late November 18 Script is .8.22/.08 some success but trying to find the right dose.

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Re: Trimix Help

Postby Bob1974 » Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:11 am

That's awesome! Glad to hear it worked out and love that you came back with the good news so others can learn what the problem was and hopefully don't do the same thing after doubling the dosage a couple times and ending up in the hospital when they finally hit the sweet spot with the medicine. Perhaps you could still get a stronger script so you can get your dosages down to 5 to 10 units and then get the 30 unit syringes that have half marks? A stronger script would probably save you more money by using less of it and creating more dosages per vial? It's a great euphoria when Trimix works good for the first time allowing you to hit that pussy hard and better then a teenager could without the worry of losing that erection. You gotta love it! I'm happy for you!
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