Post Peyronie's graft surgery and Trimix injections

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Post Peyronie's graft surgery and Trimix injections

Postby MrMann » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:52 am

Hello all. I was hoping to hear from some members who have had a peyronie's graft surgery, are now experiencing some degree of ED and using Trimix.

I had a graft a couple of years ago that resulted in a straighter (and shorter) penis, but now I am experiencing ED that doesn't respond well to Viagra and Cialis. I would appreciate any personal experience with being post surgery and using Trimix.

63 yrs old, clinical pharmacist, post Peyronie's surgery - grafted 2016 - VED and Cialis rehab - started Trimix 30-1-10 in Dec 2018, St. Petersburg, FL

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