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Postby Whodat » Mon Sep 28, 2020 5:22 pm

LB...yep..the road to keeping good health is painful and embarrassing. I did the radiation treatment which was easy.
The adt hormone treatment was the worst part. Dr wanted to reduce the size of my prostate prior to rad treatment. Fortunately my symptoms were mild compared to most...but still nasty.
Regarding your boner and heading home...ask the Dr to allow you to wait until it goes down. My Dr wanted to make sure it did before letting me out the door in case of paparism.
I can say it was a happy successful day that is indelible in my mind.
Age 79 good health. Radiation prostate 28 hits 3 years ago with 6 months of horrible ADT. Good recovery and ED worse.
Can't tolerate oral drugs but 4 years of Alprostadil 40mcg/ml 18 units is a miracle for 3 hours. Young GF is happy!!

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