Pre-Implant VED Regimen

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Pre-Implant VED Regimen

Postby robertm » Mon Dec 11, 2017 12:49 pm

I know I've seen information on a VED exercises to use prior to getting an implant, but I can't find it in here. I did some searches with no luck. Can anyone direct me?
60 yrs old. Gradually worsening ED for 10 years. Pills and trimix not working well anymore. Will need an implant in the near future.

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Re: Pre-Implant VED Regimen

Postby Donnie1954 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:37 am

I pumped mine up for sex two years before implant. And for play. I would pump mine up nice and fat. Then play with it a lot usually Jo.
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Re: Pre-Implant VED Regimen

Postby bldoink » Tue Dec 12, 2017 10:40 am

Link as previously posted by LostSheep. It's a PDF of an abstract of a paper written by Sellers, Dineen, Salem and wilson:

This is a relevant excerpt from that abstract:
After deciding to participate in the protocol, patients
are instructed to use a vacuum erection device for 10 minutes
at least once daily for up to 2 months prior to surgery.
If a patient has Peyronie’s disease, shortening and
fibrosis of the tunica is considered severe and he is instructed
to use the device at least twice each day.
The penis is placed in the vacuum cylinder and the device
pumped to the point where the patient feels a slight
burning. The constriction ring is not applied and the penis
experiences the vacuum for at least at least 10 minutes.
Patient compliance is critical to the success of the
preparation protocol. We encourage this by asking the
patient to mark his lengthening progress with a permanent
marker on the vacuum tube once each week

To ensure a proper seal between the skin and the cylinder,
the patient is instructed to shave around the base of
the penis and to apply liberal amounts of lubricant on the
penis and in the base of the vacuum cylinder. No bands
or constriction rings are used. Patients are instructed to
pause 3 - 5 seconds between pumps to achieve maximum
benefit. The vacuum level is increased until the patient
feels a slight burning sensation in the penis. The negative
pressure is maintained for at least 10 minutes. A permanent
marker is used to place a mark on the cylinder the
first time the use of the vacuum device results in a penile
erection. This allows patient and physician to quantify
and monitor the patient’s progress. The patient is asked
to subsequently mark the vacuum cylinder weekly.
Not all patients wish to participate in the vacuum protocol.
Some patients are eager to proceed with IPP implantation
without delay. Others do not want to purchase
the vacuum device. We attempt to convince these patients
to participate in a truncated version of the program
for only two weeks prior to surgery. We believe a period
as short as two weeks will allow implantation of longer
cylinders than would be possible without vacuum therapy,
Note that weekly length gain is greatest during the
first two weeks. Smaller gains continue up to eight weeks.
particularly in patients with recent onset of impotence e.g.
post radical prostatectomy. Commonly, the largest expansion
of penile length occurs in the first two weeks

This is the related FT thread, here in this same sub-forum, that the link was posted in: viewtopic.php?t=8080
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Re: Pre-Implant VED Regimen

Postby robertm » Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:50 am

Thanks for the responses. Very helpful.
60 yrs old. Gradually worsening ED for 10 years. Pills and trimix not working well anymore. Will need an implant in the near future.

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