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VED Pump Proper Usage

Postby jackpTenn » Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:42 pm

Usualy the first thing that happens when a man gets a VED he will thing the more I pump myself up the better. With the VED more is not better. I know I hurt my penis by causing a bruise that took several days to heal.

After my failed implant 10/07 I was doing research and found the peyronies society forum. My peyronies started in 1995 and things went down hill after that. ED, loss of night time erections, venous leakage and corporal fibrosis.

I found Old Man on the VED board. I already had a Rx VED and he gave me a exercise that would keep my penis healthy and also I could use it for sex. I was 99.99999% impotent at the time.

I lost 1 1/2 inches of penile length to peyronies. The VED exercise brought back about 1/2 that and kept my penis healthy until I got my implant at Vanderbilt. Dr. Milam said to keep up the exercise until the day before surgery. It helped me have a better than expected outcome.



As some of you know the instructions that come with the VED can be vague. Old Man at gave this exercise to me

NEVER PUMP TO THE POINT OF PAIN OR EXCESS PRESSURE!! I did at first and caused a bruise on my penis that took weeks to heal. With this more is not better. Also hair can be a problem getting a good seal. Some of us just keep it trimmed back and others shave around the penis, what ever works for you. Do Not use a constriction ring for exercise.

VED for exercise. Every day.
Start with a good seal and pump to about 80% erect. Hold for 15-20 seconds then release, (do not break seal). Do this for about 5 minutes.

Over the next 5 minutes pump up to a 100% erection using the pump hold and release for 15-20 second method. Do Not Break The Seal.

The next 5 minutes keep pumping to 100% erection using the pump, hold and release. Caution does not over pump to the point of pain. At this point if you have shrinkage you may see some gain. After a few weeks.

VED for sex.
Start by properly placing the constriction ring on the cylinder. Get a good seal and pump to about 80% erection using pump and hold about 5 times. Then increase to about 90% erection and place the constriction ring.

Constriction Rings.
Constriction ring fit is a personal thing what may be right for me will not work for you. It will not be comfortable the first few times you use it. Trial and error are the only way to find which ring holds you best. Do not use over 30 minutes.

IMHO Osborn makes the best constriction rings. I had severe venous leakage and corporal fibrosis so I had to use the Osborn D ring. (Very tight.)

Any questions just let me know.

Peyronies 1995
Penile Implant 10/08
Dr. Douglas Milam @ Vanderbilt
Normal Again


Re: Starting to try pump

Postby 3mtrship » Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:03 am

I pump a couple times a week and go low and slow. Never going to hard erection but to fill the penis and get it to swell or plump up a bit. Then later by hours or days my 1/2 Levitra works fine with no pump. My wife will speak up occasionally and bring the pump with her to use on me. I never thought I would see the day she stood with a pump in her hand and a smile on her face.

Again not to full erection but for penis exercise and to build sexual tension. She might as likely bring my pump and her dildo and we will work on each other but not to climax. It is just as likely that dinner and a bath might follow with more serious sex much later or the following morning.

We do seem to have more energy in the mornings now. She is 71 and I am 65.


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