How to pump (for pre-surgical implant preparation)

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How to pump (for pre-surgical implant preparation)

Postby Lost Sheep » Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:01 am

For pre-surgical (inflatable implant) preparation, some Vacuum Erectile Pumping is thought to be beneficial.

One paper (Medical Journal) I read suggests pumping up to the point where you feel a burn, then waiting a bit and pumping some more until 10 minutes of full inflation has been achieved. Daily for six weeks before surgery.

Another protocol (from ) suggests pumping to full erection (but lesser than the "burn" specified in the other protocol) and maintaining for 1 minute, then releasing the vacuum and repeating until a number of inflation/deflation cycles have been done. This cycles oxygenated blood into and out of the penile tissues (to healthy effect). Here is another site that mentions a method like this.

and then there are the cautions listed here

I tried the first and overdid it a bit and have switched to the latter.

Does anyone know of any other protocols that would fall between these two?

Lost Sheep
Lost Sheep
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