Foreskin issues when using pump.

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Foreskin issues when using pump.

Postby PhilcoGeorge » Wed Mar 02, 2011 7:01 pm

I spoke with a man who is experiencing pain when he attempts to use a vacuum device. He is uncircumcised. Does anyone have firsthand experience, or have any suggestions that would help him

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Re: Foreskin issues when using pump.

Postby regain-is-the-aim » Wed Mar 02, 2011 10:08 pm


I have been using my pump since late spring last year. I am also uncut and having no "pain" issues. Like you, I have really enjoyed my pumping activities and feel it has helped. I am PCa so my success does not match yours; but the effects are nice. The issue is where is the pain, what is he doing when it occurs and how long does it last.

Is he going up slowly and releasing and going again. and repeating. Pumping should not be a strenuous approach or a fast approach to hard. There could also be an issue as to what is causing his ED. I would suggest he contact Paul, who is Administrator of the site- he has a lot of experience and knowledge with pumping. I'm sure Paul would be happy to talk with him.

I think, at least for me, foreskin is an interesting aspect of the process. I was also challenged as to how to deal with the skin. For me, I have learned to place the insert to the cylinder over my shaft first pulling the foreskin thru completely and then place the cylinder on and then begin the pumping process. That has proven to be more comfortable for me. But as you know we are all different and have different results. Starting slowly, release and then on up slowly to full hard. Like you I find it a nice view and an upper!!

Hope this helps. Pumping should be fun!!

By the way, welcome to the clan. This is a great place. You will like it here.


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