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Useful Pumping Information

Postby dtwarren1942 » Thu Oct 28, 2010 7:46 pm

I am new to FT so I am a little late responding to this thread. However, I have been pumping for over a year and want to pass on some of the information I have gatherd over this time. First, any one considering pumping should have safety as their first consideration. In this regard, any serious pumper should only use a pump with an ACCURATE vacuum gauge. I personally use a break bleeder/vacuum pump from Harbor Freight ($27 at their retail locations or $17 with a coupon from one of the auto magazines) which includes a quality gauge, tubing and a connector. Most veteran pumpers recommend you do not exceed 5hg (inches of mercury) to avoid blisters and other potential damage.

You can find a compatible (needs a female connector), inexpensive (under $25), plastic cylinder on the internet/E-Bay. If you go this route, be sure the base end is flanged because the thin walls of a plastic cylinder will bite into your pubic fat pad. You can also get a high quality thick walled acrylic cylinder, which can be ordered to fit your exact penis size for better results. I personally us an oval shaped cylinder from Vacutech and Boston Pump also make quality cylinders.

For more information on pumping for ED, including sizing recommendations for the right cylinder size, check out - Penis devices. The forum is geared to penis enlargement, but there is a lot of information on ways to improve the health of your penis, including pumping routines specifically designed to help ED.
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