Need advices for new pump user

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Re: Need advices for new pump user

Postby vanats » Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:24 pm

Hello Otchuvini,
I am in the same situation as you concerning the use of the pump, i am 45, and 14 months after robotic removal of my prostate due to PC. I also do apologise for my english as i am greek.
I had my robotic surgery, in november 2011, but guess what, a very big and devastating complication happened. it was a rectal injury during the surgery.
after 12 days when my catheter was removed, they performed another surgery called colostomy ( An artificial exit from the colon created to divert waste through a hole in the colon and through the wall of the abdomen). It was really devastating, i had a new catheter in for 1 more year ofcourse changing it monthly. at six months after 1st surgery, they performed another surgery wich was for the closure of the formed rectovesical fistula due to rectal injury. Right now there is no more fistula and i have no catheters in my bladder, but i still have the colostomy wich is very unconfortable.
well, 3 months before, back in november 2012 as the catheter was removed i started to try and begin the penile rehabilitation by pumping and taking viagra, that means that i started 1 year after the prostactomy wich was supposed to be started in 1 month after it. but this is my situation and i have to deal with it. when using the pump, i can see my penis becomes bigger but the color changes and that makes me scare, and when i take the pump off it will go back to normal size in a minute or 2, i did never used the ring and i did never saw a good erection when pumping as it used to. it is so so devastating for me because before surgery i was very powerfull in my sex life and my penis size was big, now even the size is very small and thin, that is really frustrating. Let's talk about the good side of all this ordeal , it is that my psa is still undectable since surgery and in a few weeks my colostomy will be reversed, i will just have to deal with my ED. but i think the best and quickest way will be an implant. Because i tried pills and they give me too much pain and the pump is not functional neither or i am not using it as it has to, just imagine how my sex life changed and how my wife can feel. my life changed dramaticaly with this devastating complication but i am very positive that i will win this battle, i almost passed the dificult part and the remaining is more easy, at least i hope so.
I hope that my experience will let you feel more lucky and keep you thinking positive that everything has solution and we will be ok in a way or another.
Once my coming surgery for colostomy closure takes place, i will let you know, and then i will start asking you guys about the implants.
PC @ age of 45; nov. 2011 rectovesical fistula formed after prostatectomy; Dec. 2011colostomy done; july 2012 fistula was repaired; april 2013 colostomy was reversed; aug. 2013 back to normal life i started on injection therapy; +3 years now psa = 0.

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Re: Need advices for new pump user

Postby greyt88 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:42 pm

I also have the Pos-T-Vac. What I suggest is to pump a couple of times...release..then pump again to slightly more vacuum pressure..and repeat.

Start off slowly and after a few weeks, you should start producing much better erections.
Early 40s old diagnosed with severe venous leak by Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Dr. Arnold Mehlman and my local urologist. Using Pos-T-Vac Boss 2000-2 (battery powered Vacuum Erection Device) since 2005.


Re: Need advices for new pump user

Postby Larry10625 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:57 pm

greyt88 wrote:I also have the Pos-T-Vac. What I suggest is to pump a couple of times...release..then pump again to slightly more vacuum pressure..and repeat.

Start off slowly and after a few weeks, you should start producing much better erections.

Please create a signature. It makes things much easier to answer your questions without asking a lot of questions. Here's how you do it
Click on your name in the top right corner and select "user control panel"

Then under the big letters "User Control Panel" there is a row of words... select "Profile"

Then down the left had side of the "User Control Panel" select "Edit Signature" (You might have Create Signature or something. I don't know exactly what you'll get because I already have a signature to edit)

Most guys put something like what I have, but you can put whatever you want. Here is mine -
"AMS 700 (18 + 2 rte's). Implanted March 30, 2017 by Dr. Brock of London, Ont, CANADA. Great surgeon. Went in to septic shock and had to have implant removed April 29, 2017. I'm from Belleville, Ontario, CANADA. Appt. for consult for second attempt is on November 6, 2017... I can't wait."

Don't get too carried away with the doctor like his name, address, phone number, etc (anything that looks like advertising for him).. you can certainly say Dr. Jones (great Dr.)

If you need further help, please ask, that's what I'm here for.


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