New member with Problems

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New member with Problems

Postby Joey72 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:16 pm

Hi I am new to this board and have had ED for the last 10 years, I am 72 years old. I have been having normal sexual relations with my wife with the help of ED drugs. About a year ago I started have eye strain and lately it has become sever, so about 2 months ago I bought an Encore pump and after several attempts I have been able to maintain a very firm erection for up to 20 minutes. I have noticed with the pump my girth has increase about 0.25 inches on the shaft and about 0.50 inches on the head, I have always had a large girth and needed a lot of lubrication to have sex with my wife. My problem is that with the increase is head size I can not enter my wife unless she is extremely aroused and then not all the time.
The arousal thing is the problem she does not like oral sex and we have never tried any sex toys , vibrators or vaginal pump. My question is do I have unique problem or is this somewhat normal and how have other people solved this problem. Also I have read that the best sexual position when using the pump is dogy style are their any other positions that will work we have always used the missionary position?

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Re: New member with Problems

Postby dtwarren1942 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 8:33 pm

Welcome to the forum, Joey. Unfortunately, increase in girth is inherent in the pumping process. I can not help you with the penetration issue you have because I am at the other end of the spectrum. However, if you find doggy the most comfortable, you should try the spoon position where you can also enter from the rear. My wife and I enjoy this every morning while I rub her back. Back rubs tend to really relax my wife. You can start by cuddling behind her with your erection pressed against her butt crack. This helps to get her excited. After rubbing her back for a while, lube up your erection and slowly work it into your wife.

If sticking your dick with a small needle is not a problem, Trimix injections provid hard erections without increasing your girth. Read through the injections forum. It may give you some encouragement to try it out.
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Re: New member with Problems

Postby JimStars » Sun Jan 20, 2013 3:22 pm


Funny you should ask about 'limiting girth with pumping'. I had the same issue -- mostly when I tried using the large Penile Sleeve (check the articles section and/or search for the word 'sleeve' in the forums). When I used the large size one it allowed me to expand too much (that's 6" circumference - that IS a lot -- too much for Missus). But when I used the medium sleeve -- which barely fit but still did -- it really did limit the thickness by .25-.5" less all the way up and down -- yet still kept up the same hardness -- or even more hardness -- than did the larger sleeve (or no sleeve).

My wife thus loved the medium sleeve. Also added benefits included cushing (somewhat) the SNAP of the rings onto your shaft and easier digging the rings off afterwards and of course eliminating the swivel effect. It is a nice soft foam material (yet wicked strong) so it stretches a little bit yet does not interfere or make any real ridges at the edges of the sleeve. Well worth trying one if you are committed to pumps (and with three sizes and 2 lengths there are bound to be one or two that are just right.

Report back when you've given em a try ...

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Re: New member with Problems

Postby jtc_hunter » Wed Mar 27, 2013 11:20 am

I am one who also has alot of girth. With pumping I find that the foam sleeve is a must and my girth is 5.5 inches in circumference at the shaft and a little over 6" in circumference at the head. My wife is only 5' tall and 120 lbs, so a really good lube is the only way I am getting in. I found one humurously called 'Gun Oil" on Ebay and it works very well. Just lube yourself and her up well and go slow at first. Her eyes may get the size of silver dollars at first but after that should be Ok. ... 336e237306
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Re: New member with Problems

Postby Frank Talk Admin » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:15 pm

Also, sex positions are important. Missionary is the worst position for everyone for sex, yet in our culture it is the vast favorite. The best sex position for both partners allows for comfort, control, hands free, intimacy and accessability.

The Bedside position is where the man stand beside the bed. His partner lies on the bed, face up, with hips right at the edge of the bed for easy penetration. The man is in total control of penetration, thrust, and speed. This is often a great position for erectile quality. The partner's legs can go around the man's waist, up the chest, or even rest feet on his shoulders. Everyone has hands free to have fun. The woman in this position is not finding her hips being thrust apart or forced open. Back pain, surgeries, injuries can usually be accomdated by this position. This is a great position for older couples - everyone is comfortable. Bring a toy into the picture and the easy access to bodies by both partners makes it fun. Yes, you can still bend over to kiss, but let's hope you're being too active to kiss.
This position is good for gay couples as well.

For an erection from a VED, this will give more control over penetration with the extra size.

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Re: New member with Problems

Postby spanzo » Sun May 05, 2013 9:59 am

hmmm good point. Missionary position IS challenging. especially with an engorged, but not necessarily hard, cock

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Re: New member with Problems

Postby Joey72 » Mon May 20, 2013 8:58 pm

I would like to thank dtwarren1942, JimStars, jtc hunter, Paul and spanzo for responding to my post.
I have been taking levitra for the last 10 years with very good results. Last Oct. I had some eye problems and my eye doctor said to stop taking the levitra or I could risk serious damage to my eyes. I thought this guy was a nut so I kept using the levitra but just in case he was right I bought a Encore pump. I tried the pump a view times but never had good results. Well early Jan. of this year I took the levitra had sex and started my day by running a few chores. The first thing I noticed was I had trouble seeing while driving and as the day went on it got worse and by 9 pm I could not focus on the TV. When I awoke the next morning my vision was OK but I was really scared and swore off the ED drugs, that only left pumping and it was not working, that is why I sent my initial post to the site.
Since the the initial post I have tried the following positions that were suggested by various members rear entry, bedside, spooning, missionary and woman on top, nothing really worked.
I thought about my problem and decided that I might not be doing the pumping correctly since it was firm but not rock hard. I took another look at how to pump and discovered a pumping tutorial on this site that was of great help. The new routine was 5 one minute pumps followed by 3 five minute pumps do this for two weeks and this really worked. I marked the cylinder and was a able to consistently obtain a very firm and large erection. Then I started practicing with the rings I end up using the two smallest rings that came with the Encore pumping system and was able to hold a erection for a good 20 minutes maybe more but the rings hurt the penis. Next I ordered the foam sleeves in medium and large size to stop the hinge effect and help stop the pain caused by the rings.
The first attempt with the medium foam sleeve was a disaster, the penis was soft and the hinge effect was greater then ever, no penetration that night. I will not going into all the problems but here is what I found works for me after 3 months of trying:
1)When pumping with a sleeve you should be able to get with in 0.25 inches of the mark on the pump, without the sleeve.
2)For me it takes longer to pump up with a sleeve on then it does with out the sleeve and it took me over a month to realize this fact.
3)Use the position that works best for you and your wife, changing positions after 49 years didn't work, so we stuck with the missionary position and it is working.
4)Do a lot of petting prior to attemping pumping, so your penis is inflated before installing the foam sleeve ( I use medium).
5)I pump up in bed while my wife and I continue to pet and kiss, she enjoys being included in the pumping.
Four months have passed since my initial post and I am happy to say that the pump really works and I am able to satisfy wife same as when using the ED drugs.

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Re: New member with Problems

Postby JimStars » Tue May 21, 2013 8:42 pm

Way to go Joe,

Good to see that you perservered -- most guys just give up real quick on the pump. It does require some finessing and Special Modifications as you have found out. Hopefully you will be an inspiration to future readers who might be trying it.

Also, those old Encore rings are not going to last for long so consider getting a variety of Osbon rings. They are pricey but work really well and the pinks are greys really last forever (the tans not so much). But they are not any more comfortable or uncomfortable than the ones that come with the encore -- just more durable. Some of the ones I have have been going for 2+ years of use (pinks and greys).

Keep on pumpin'

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Re: New member with Problems

Postby greyt88 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:50 pm

Missionary and side to side work best for me. Doggie style gives me a lot of trouble getting in and losing my erection once in.
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