VED, PDE5 and Hemorrhoids (Haemorrhoids)

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VED, PDE5 and Hemorrhoids (Haemorrhoids)

Postby Biker22 » Thu Feb 16, 2023 3:09 pm


Its looking like I'm going for implant surgery in 3-4 weeks so I've started using the VED again which I haven't for about a year.
After only a week of daily 15-20min VED with PDE5 (50mg of sildenafil or 100mg Spedra) my external hemorrhoids have let themselves be known. not really bad this time but they are there

Before I started using either PDE5/VED I had one flare up in my life.

I'm going through my diary of last 3 years and I've had 2 flare ups since then (afterwards it completely disappears - cant even see it or feel it). From my notes its not entirely clear whether its the daily PDE5's or using the VED or a combination of both.

Urology dept previously told me it was because PDE5 were dialating my other blood vessels too, I do wonder where increasing the blood vessel pressure in your penis with the VED which is right next to you anus can't help matters.

Has anyone else seen this kind of hemorrhoid issue?
Based in UK, 48yrs Old, had ED all my life. I'm a runner, slim. PDE5 tablets no longer work, Currently on 0.5ml of Invicorp (Aviptadil 36mcg/ 2.85mg Phentolamine). Injections efficacy is dropping off at an alarming rate, guess it will have to implant soon

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Re: VED, PDE5 and Hemorrhoids (Haemorrhoids)

Postby PSSDorAmINormal » Sat Feb 18, 2023 4:35 pm

Oh yes I have. It never really occurred to me how the PDE5 pills works, but yes it makes perfect sense that it would also swell the rectal veins. I didn't think about it until a doctor mentioned it.

I've actually struggled with hemmorrhoids since about high school age. We had hard chairs in school and class periods of 90 minutes. So you can imagine what that does to your butt. Talk about erection killing, prostate killing and hemmorrhoid flare ups. I had externally visible hemmorrhoids that were painful. I also had sores on each butt cheek from where my hip bones were located when you sit. Nobody was held accountable.

Nowadays I can get flare ups and I typically notice a little bleeding. Interestingly I don't seem to have the external problem like I did as a teenager. However just having a bowel movement can feel like a knife cutting me. With all these issues it makes it very difficult for me to want to engage in any type of prostate play or anal play. I think for you a daily dose of these medicines at that particular strength is too much. I realize what you're trying to do with your penis, but daily dosing at this level might be too much. Could you try a lower dose of say 20 or 25mg sildenafil? How does the Spedra work? I'm not too familiar with it.
SWM/never married. 40 years and not experienced. Injuries/trauma at young age due to lack of guidance and good sex ed. Low libido, loss of sensitivity/numbness. Possible PD and probable PSSD. No tests or doppler. Offered tadalafil, clomid and sildenafil

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