Now have penile implant after using the vacuum pump. Open to questions

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Now have penile implant after using the vacuum pump. Open to questions

Postby Rebz89 » Wed Jan 11, 2023 5:23 pm

Hi guys as I mentioned I'm now implanted but am open to questions as did pump for quite some time. Below is my implant feed for some background info

Hi guys just thought I'd join the chat. I've read so much pre and post op my implant and found it so helpful that I felt obliged to post my story and offer any help there's not much UK or NHS help also so thought that I could answer any UK guys questions aswell as our American friends.

Used pregablib for my nerve damage a few years back and it stopped me ejaculated (have never been able to regain this back) and used all ED tablets and pump and injections prior to implant.

I'm 4 week post op just nearly a week into cycling. Happy so far but obviously want to increase back to my old length and my position of my pump is WAY off so would be nice to know if anyone else had a bad pump position and if so how was it fixed? Its functional so I'm happy but alot of people talk about using penile pumps which I have one from the previous ED treatment. Can/ should I use it it post op? If so how often and how long?
I can't seem to deflate fully either so always half mast and would love to have a fully deflated penism have tried in nd out the bath amd even the nurse/consultant hasn't been able to achieve a flaccid deflate so far but still soon after my op.

My surgery went a little badly as my consultant didn't see me pre OR post op and had a bad time as was kept in the ward for 4 days and went home erect and lack of info but now finally getting somewhere. Healed and cycling just the positioning is bad for now so would love help on that.

Happy to post pics and answer questions to me new adopted bionic brothers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this please feel free to dm or ask any questions and offer any help. As I said Happy to provide any pics flaccid or erect for helping me figure out my pump position etc.
33 UK NHS patient
AMS 700 23cm implanted 13th Dec 2022.
Type1 diabetic.
Tried pills and injections before finally getting the implant.
Happy to share pictures and story.

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