Another Newbie with Questions...

Specific talk about pumps: Questions, hints, recommendations, etc.
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Another Newbie with Questions...

Postby GruffHunter » Mon Oct 01, 2018 9:21 pm

OK, so I posted this on another thread, but not much response, so I'm hoping all you straight men can answer some of my questions.

Near-60 year old gay guy here who has had an active sex life until about 2 years ago (even made a few porn movies). No one seems to know why, but about two years ago everything stopped...tried pills (didn't work), and a combo-injection, which works GREAT, but only about once every three times...and is a pain in the ass to travel with. Its also pretty useless when you're going to be at a bar or party for 5 hours or so before you need it.

So, I have an appointment next month with my Dick-Doc, who recommended an inflatable insert over a year ago. I've been reading and watching videos like crazy trying to get informed. A few questions (and you've all heard these before.)

1) I'm blessed with endowment...I need some more reassurance that one of these pumps (Titan, LGX) is going to give me the girth and length I'm used to (or damned close to it.) I'm convinced, from what many of you have said, that it gets hard enough for anal, but I'm getting mixed signals on size, especially for larger guys.

2) There are some surgeons who seem to be famous at this. Mine doesnt have any youtube videos (Dr Gross in NH), and I'm nervous about going to someone who isn't the best in the field. I intend on asking him how many of these implants he's done...but then, I dont really know what a good answer would be! Thoughts?

3) It seems many guys have to have a replacement after only about 3 years. What is the realistic life expectancy of these contraptions?

4) Any now, my funniest question...I'm used to showing up places with a package draws attention. Is it possible to inflate about half way and keep it that way for hours on end?

5) How does it hang when flaccid? The "literature" says its perfectly natural, but some guys seem to report that they hang "a little fuller, a little more pronounced." yes or no?

Thanks for any help you can give me. I realize once I make this decision, there's no going back...
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Re: Another Newbie with Questions...

Postby Meadus » Tue Oct 02, 2018 10:10 am

Hi. I'm a 67 yo gay man. I suffered with ED for about 2.5 years. Three months ago I had a AM 700 "installed". I was 9" before and 7.5 now. There is a chance that I will regain some more length. I also lost girth.
You can keep your penis inflated 24 hours a day if you want. Even deflated it will hang larger that before.
My penis hangs with a bend to the left now. I can bend to back straight though. It straightens out when erect.
In short, I don't have the penis I had but at least it is functional. It's taking time to get used to this new penis I have.

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Re: Another Newbie with Questions...

Postby dtwarren1942 » Tue Oct 02, 2018 11:01 pm

The Pumps Forum is intended for guys who use ape is vacuum pump to generate an erection. To get the best responses, this thread should be moved/reposted to the Implants Forum.
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