Pump without the rubber to get girth to the base

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Pump without the rubber to get girth to the base

Postby Mazzio » Sun Sep 09, 2018 3:11 am

I have venous leak and the reason for that is a week base of the penis. I have used several pumps but with no positive results. I don’t need the pump for the length or girth. I am ok with those. If I pump an use the rubber band that comes with the pump it squeezes the base and does not affect down there. What I do nowadays that I pump a little while with the rubber and then take it away. After that I put the pump against a my skin and push as hard I can. I use some lube on the base. When I pump my dick will not grow as long as with the rubber but it does make the base thicker.

Anu ideas how I could develop this technique? I tried Bathmate but it did not work at all in shower.
60 yrs, had venous leak all my life, sildenafil and other pills don't work anymore properly, using Caverject, tried shockwave.

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