Bathmate = Erectile Dysfunction??

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Re: Bathmate = Erectile Dysfunction??

Postby Terminator_7 » Fri Jun 14, 2024 10:09 am

Ask pumpingvictim.
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Re: Bathmate = Erectile Dysfunction??

Postby secondchance » Sun Jun 16, 2024 12:39 pm

Terminator_7 wrote:Ask pumpingvictim.
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ok keep telling yourself that...

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Re: Bathmate = Erectile Dysfunction??

Postby Tokyo_123 » Sat Jul 20, 2024 11:50 pm

secondchance wrote:Thanks for reading my post, I'm new here and so far it's been such a blessing.

Here's my story. I was in a relationship, and at the start my erections were at their best. After a while my erections seemed to be getting not quite as engorged. Not sure if it was mild depression setting in. I had always pumped with bathmate at max pressure or close it. I never new this was risking injury. I wasn't aware of any online community educating about safe use of pumps. We broke up and my depression probably got worse, it's hard for me to recall since it was four years ago. Anyways the last few times I tried to pump I couldn't get hard, but i just brushed it off and said "whatever these things happen". A few days later I tried to hook up with a girl and my penis wasn't responding. I took it real hard, lost my shit and for the next week i tried to get him up without success. So i rushed to the doctor in devastation. I did a penile doppler. After the injection before the ultrasound I just couldn't get hard, I was really trippin, i felt like i was walking the plank.. Anyway it showed arterial insufficiency with a PSV of 20cm/sec. I was pretty soft during the whole exam...

This whole experience triggered a much bigger depression that has lasted until now, 4 years later. This depression had become a beast of it's own. I rarely get morning wood and when i do it's probably about 50 to 60% hard. I'm on cialis 5mg daily but still no morning wood and getting an erection from masterbating is more disappointing than anything else...I'm still working on my depression with my psychiatrist but it's been really hard.

The thought that i over pumped and hurt myself causing me to have to say goodbye to my erections for good absolutely destroys me. I get into these cycles of self blame and devastation. On the bathmate website it says the pumps are designed to be unable to pump up to dangerous pressures. But it seems that's a bunch of crap when you read online forums. I'm 34 years old so most doctors don't take me seriously. Having an implant is the only thing saves from total darkness. Can someone please inform me if you think a bathmate injury could really cause something like this? I have no more morning wood, even with Cialis. Doesn't that rule out psychogenic ED and confirm physical ED?

Please let me know what you think? Anything helps :)

I used the Bathmate for years. Yes, I believe that it caused me Venous Leakage, because I did overuse it. I used it four times a week for at times 20 or even up to 30 minutes.

Get a doppler test, and see what the results are. My doppler test was clear, and damage was severe. Had no choice but to get an implant. That said, I'm satisfied with the results.
Venous Leakage (which I believe caused by my overuse of the Bathmate VED)

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