Anything goes when it comes to ED.
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Re: Nudity.

Postby David_R » Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:42 pm

I'm so happy for you and your wife, Larry10625.
Age 69. Prostatectomy in 2000. My urologist (for over 20 years) has been Dr. Marc Siegelbaum of Chesapeake Urology, in the Baltimore suburb of Towson. I have LGX, and after regular inflating I regained my original length. (My wife and I love it!)

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Re: Nudity.

Postby Larry10625 » Fri Jan 04, 2019 7:08 am

David_R wrote:I'm so happy for you and your wife, Larry10625.

Thanks David, the implant is truly a miracle invention. :)

51 years old, married 29 years. Implanted Mar 30/17 by Dr. Brock of London, Ont, CANADA. (AMS 700 LGX 18 + 2). Had implant removed Apr 29/17 due to Septic Shock. Liposuction By Dr. Gan and re-implant by Dr. Brock (AMS LGX 15 + 2) Dec 14/17.

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Re: Nudity.

Postby jpowell123 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:03 am

Its awkward at first, but you get over it. If you feel really uneasy about it, then just communicate it to your primary care doctor.

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Re: Nudity.

Postby Jimhoy » Tue Jan 08, 2019 3:34 pm

I’m seeing that your post went off on a different tract! Regarding the Prostrate Cancer treatment resulting in a “cold shower” syndrome, unfortunately, I can speak somewhat intelligently!!
I’m not sure where it starts but I had it most of the way through my Radiation Therapy.
I dreaded going there, lying on the table with my pants to my knees, with that condition.
You like to think that the tech’s ((mostly young women) are professional and it doesn’t matter, but in my mind, they were laughing their a$$es off behind the wall!!! So humiliating!!!!
Did it start with the biopsy? The placement of the targets (he did damage then, I passed a piece of meat while urinating later that day)? The Eligard (of which I am still on)?
All I know is that upon completing my 44 dosed, I sat in the Dr.s office and he said “ how you doing”? I pointed to the poster on the wall of the guy cut in half, and said “not good, I want to look like that guy again”!!! Without an exam, he described me to a tee and sent me to mens health!
They told me I need penile rehabitation and told to use a penis pump and Viagra!!!! I can’t seem to bring myself to do that! I look at it as some sort of jerking off and I can’t afford $10 per pill x twice a day, seven days a week!!!! I’m in some sort of a f*&$ed up limbo!!! I don’t even let my wife see me naked!! I can’t imagine using a f*&#ing penis pump but I sooooo miss my wife so much that (after hearing my self here) will order one.
So in closing, try a Mens Health doctor because, you’re not alone.

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Re: Nudity.

Postby bldoink » Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:11 pm


I quit caring what the female doctors and techs think while doing their jobs long ago as long as they do their jobs. If you're up for it a little humor or levity with them can make it less stressful. Of course they've probably heard it before but TS.

Just flat out tell your wife that you have to use a VED on doctors orders. Tell her you'd prefer privacy while using it as you're still emotionally sensitive about using it or she can help if she's up for it. There can be some entertainment value there. You will need lubrication to use it so use your imagination or let her use hers. Some female fondling can help with the effectiveness of pumping. At least that's my experience. Of course I usually do the therapy myself in privacy. There's also constriction rings that can be used with the VED and some couples can be satisfied with the sexual activity that can result. It helps a bunch to just get it all out in the open. Unfortunately, IMHO, women aren't allowed on this site but some members may arrange communication with their wives or SOs if requested. I'd ask if requested.

My Uro also prescribed Viagra therapy. My insurance wasn't much help there either. I ended up getting my doctor to write a refillable script for 100 pills and ordered through North West Pharmacy in Canada. The pills I get are generic and made in India. Some people may scoff at the India made pills but they seem to work as well as the name brand and haven't killed me yet. There are other Canadian pharmacies other guys use that may or may not be cheaper or better. This is the one I tried first and have stayed with. Due to some banking law or rule changes I have to actually send a check for payment.

Good luck.
R.R.P 2011 Mayo Jacksonville by Dr. Michael Wehle. Nerve sparing - damaged. V.E.D, Viagra and Alprostadil (80mcg/ml) injections @ ~ 12 units. Originally Edex20. Switched to compounded Alprostadil - cost. Injecting ~ 8 yrs. It works. Treasure coast of FL.

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