Anything goes when it comes to ED.
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Re: Did any of the natural approaches work for you?

Postby Georgeoz » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:36 pm

I believe I have had some success (although not yet enough) with Chinese medicine - acupuncture and Qi Gong

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Re: Did any of the natural approaches work for you?

Postby Lost Sheep » Sat Dec 02, 2017 8:59 pm

A (former) member touted a recipe of spices and herbs that not only (he testifies) imporcved erectile function, but cleansed the blood and had multitudes of other metabolically beneficial effects (as best I recall) from his posts, but now seem to be gone.)

NOWHARD wrote:HiSavoie, OK on the page below this one your find my post titled DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE, its the last bit you need for now, its a mix of cayenne Pepper, Turmeric with Black Pepper and Garlic, do the `12 week trail, see if this get your blood singing round your body, I take this daily after having ED and one, I now get nocturnal erections and some great morning woods, real boners, but do wear a cock ring 24/7 so that helps as well, and in that post your see all the supplements I take, I always believe its a mix we need and not just one thing, as one helps the other, took time to get there but now can get erections anytime I want. OK


I believe healthy lifestyle improves EVERYTHING, including ED, genaeral health and outlook on life. Exercise, natural (meaning minimal industrial processing) foods. Look at how humans lived before the industrial revolution (almost everything was done through muscular effort, all day, every day without electric motors, etc), Before that, we lived closer to the land and ate many raw vegetables and fruits, virtually NO refined carbohydrates and a lot less meat and a LOT fewer calories.

During WWII, Europeans deprived of calories experienced a LOT less cardiac disease (despite the stress of being in a war zone) and this is attributed to eating a calorie-restricted diet. This is very telling.

Whether the foregoing has any implications for ED is open to investigation, I admit, but much of what we know about diet and exercise (except starvation diets) have no downside, I am just saying.

Good luck.

If anyone has a copy of NOWHARD's actual recipe and regimen, please post it. HOWHARD's penchant for controversy does not detract from his advice on healthy eating, I think.

I found this, which I think is one version of NOWHARD's recipe. I cannot attest to its effectiveness, but if you like moderately spicy foods, you may like it for its own sake

HowHard used to ktake it in the morning before a morning run.
My daily intake of herbs and a hormone from first thing in the morning,
DHEA 75 mg
Tribulus x 2 450mg
Take 1 500mg L-Arginine
First thing each morning, Cayenne pepper and equal mix of Turmeric with small spoonful of garlic added to a mix of tomato paste, Cayenne to my heat and thinned with olive oil, and take 3 small spoonfuls washed down with water, I add the garlic and parsley and mix in to the top, keep fine chopped garlic in olive oil and parsley in fridge, with Cayenne and turmeric mix.

I now wash this down with a mix of Apple Cider Vinegar and apple juice and also take L-Carnitine, x 2 and Magnesium this is for Fibromyalga, but also help ED.

Black or green tea through the day and 3 cups with grated ginger in it, I keep my ginger in the freezer and fine grate to the size of an egg, put your ginger and lemon in the microwave for 30 sec.
One day a week I have a 2 pint tea pot of green tea and ground down herbal Tribulus, and let it steep over night, drink through the day with ginger, honey and lemon.

I take 6 weeks then take a week off, its my way of cycling my supplements.

I wash down my cayenne mix with water, in this I have boric acid in it just over a 1/4 teaspoon in 3/4 litre of water daily, there a very good piece on earthclinic about boric acid and ED, and its also good for rynards disease which I have, but its been better now, what this does, it helps open your smaller veins to, this one of the things Viagra does, it allows a better blood flow.

For anybody doing herbs its all down to a mix that suits you, and this mix is mine, but could work for you.
Works well for me and now in ED recovery, get woken up in the night with nocturnal erections and get some great morning woods, the last two have not had for years, even forgot what they were, along with these do kegels daily, and getting back into some light jelqing and stretching, all this helps.
And last, do have Hardwear Ice cockring, this does give some real good boners that the wife loves.

Any help.

Good Luck


P.S. DO CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR before making large changes in dietary supplements (such as the DHEA) and consult with a Dietician or Endocrinologist to ensure that YOUR metabolism will tolerate your diet. Erections are useless if your diet makes you too sick to enjoy them and some people may not tolerate some of the ingredients above. Be aware that neither NOWHARD (to my knowledge) is not a medical professional and neither am I.
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