pills, injection, pills again

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pills, injection, pills again

Postby caninoespacial » Fri Aug 11, 2017 7:19 pm

SO, hello again everyone. I'd like to know if anyone tried to return to pills after injections stopped working. I ask that because in the articles I've read, clinical practice believes that pills never stop working for most men. But we know it's not true... most researches are sponsored by pfizer or made by telephone questionnaires... anyway, I understood that tachyphylaxis do happens with ED drugs (fancy name for tolerance build up). There are lots of researches saying it does not, but this evidence seems wrong with all experience I've found. I mean, frank talk has a lot of guys that gone through this, it's almost natural to consider they will stop working. About injections, well there also are lots of guys saying it will eventually stop working. Ok, with that i mind, I had that thought: when cialis stops working, what happens is not a tolerance build up, but an atualization to the amount of pde5 to produce. It is supported research and it's also why when you discontinue daily cialis, some days later your penis seems to be even worse than before since the pde5 levels are being produced to cope the high inhibition that was working on your system with the drug. So, taking a lot of cialis won't make a difference, since there is a maximum your body can absorb of it (like any other solution in simple chemistry). Them, you move to injections. But, there is also some anecdotal evidence (back me up on this, guys) that taking a "vacation" from ED pills makes them return strong. And I thought "well, why don't we cycle the meds?". I mean, while you are using injections, it's a totally different mechanism, so your pde5 normalize to deal with the normal inhibition of excitement. Maybe, if you return for pills after injections stop working, they are working again.
Say your thoughts, folks, maybe it works!

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Re: pills, injection, pills again

Postby lenders » Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:08 pm

Hmm its interesting but I dont think it could work in that way. Many people here, me too, they worked well with pills but with the time, more or less time, pills lost their effecfiveness, and then you take a higher dose, but it has a limit, when the dose is maximum. And with the injections is similar. Maybe with pills if you abstain from masturbation and sex for a while they can work better, but this is not real, because when you stop abstaining their effect will be the same as before, and I do not think the difference is too great. When injections stop to work and you are in a maximum dose.. probably the implant is the option.

One thing if you go with injections for many years you should watch for no fibrosis or scarring, with many injections it is a possibility, here there is many information on how to properly use injections to minimize risk and enhance their effectiveness. Look

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Re: pills, injection, pills again

Postby newtoed » Sat Aug 12, 2017 3:16 pm

I think most people will build a tolerance to most madication. Most medications attach themselves to a specific receptor like a key in a lock. With time these receptors develop a resistance or other mechanisms in the body block the affect. But your body gets older too. Just because you take meds and have good erections doesn't mean that you arteries stop clogging up or lose their flexibility. The body keeps getting older although medications slow down the process.
At the same time after a long break doesn't hurt to try the medication again. It's worth the shot.
All the best
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Re: pills, injection, pills again

Postby Ryansmith » Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:56 am

I have built and reset my tolerance to ED meds in cycles starting in 2004. I started with stamina RX in 2004..built tolerance and then deployed away from home for 6 months. Came home and started levitra+mail order meds laced with tadalifil...built tolerance to unsafe doses and deployed for 6 months to return home and find my tolerance reset each time. I did this cycle 7 times from 2004-2018. In July 2018 I started EDEX injections with the hope tolerance cannot be built up to injectables....I just want something that works without having to keep adjusting doses up...it's killing me.
Age 40. Normal test. Built and reset tolerance to ED meds since 2004. Started EDEX injections July 2018

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