First "Failure" with Autoject!

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First "Failure" with Autoject!

Postby newtoed » Wed Apr 26, 2017 2:21 pm

I have been having great success with the Autoject and 1 unit of my Trimix 40/30/2. I have a 3 hour erection but I learned to live with that. (My urologist gave me 25 units the first time and ended up draining the blood from my penis lol.)
Last time I injected I did everything the usual way, waited a few seconds before I pulled out the needles and the Autoject squirted out the Trimix. I wasn't sure if it injected anything into my penis. I waited about 10 minutes and since I felt no effect went back and injected again with great success. I noticed that the first 1/2" needle was bent so I must have placed it in the Autoject incorrectly.
Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the Autoject and Trimix. I only need 1 unit for a rock hard 3 hour erection which is amazing.
All the best!
Age 54, Single, Los Angeles. Stage 2 rectal cancer in 2013. Radiation, surgery, chemo. In remission for 5 years. Some ED before cancer, complete since. 2-3 units of Trimix 40/30/2 2-3 times a week since Feb/2017 with great success!

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