Anyone have ED and other issues?

Anything goes when it comes to ED.
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Anyone have ED and other issues?

Postby Bjones » Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:17 am

I am 38 years old and have had ED since my early just not a normal sexual guy and I hate it that..lately cialis has stopped being effective so not sure what to do a good looking guy and work out almost every day yet I have a pretty low sex drive AND im borderline asexual..meaning I need a kink to get me aroused because the act of penis entering vagina or other sexual acts does nothing for taking myoeni and putting it into a vagina seems boring to can imagine this coupled with ED has fucked up my sex may ask why even bother with having actual sex and tbh I don't anymore..very rarely do I go hook up with a lady friend..even if I did i still run the risk of ED flaring up..ugh I'd give anything to just be a normal sexual guy..what I see in the movies of having wild sex for hours just seems like an alternate my pitiful sex drive just adds to the confusion..I'd love to just get turned on by touching a woman's breasts or vagina but really makes it difficult to fit in sexually so to speak..

Anyone else have a very odd sex life or habit like this? I hope I posted this in the right forum..

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