Personality changes with sudden restoration of sexual ability?

Anything goes when it comes to ED.
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Re: Personality changes with sudden restoration of sexual ability?

Postby David_R » Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:40 am

Glad the Trimix is working for you, newtoed. Enjoy! :D
Age 69. Prostatectomy in 2000. My urologist is Dr. Marc Siegelbaum of Univ. of Md. St. Joseph Med. Ctr. in Baltimore suburb of Towson. (LGX, and after regular inflating I regained my original length and girth.)

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Re: Personality changes with sudden restoration of sexual ability?

Postby DonDon » Fri Nov 24, 2017 11:41 am

It cannot be an evaluation of just you and your penis. Your partner comes in there somewhere, or should. My biggest change in my sexuality came after my VASECTOMY. A doctor had told me that erections are a waning thing and not to ever waste a good erection. I was doing the mid-life crisis thing and, after one close scare with one of my girl friends, being INFERTILE was very reassuring and empowering. I had something to prove, encounters to score, and sex drive to satisfy. There were no erection problems back then and I could do it four times a day (with four different women, if I planned it right.) Please don't put me down, it was my problem which I got over. I had multiple girl friends and we enjoyed sex very much. Ran into a couple of nymphos that really enjoyed my staying power and come-back power. (I loved the sex, but nymphos are NOT a good sexual companion for long. Whew! Way too demanding. I like to break for food, not them.) Suffice it to say that being infertile was a big plus for me, and the women liked to know that I was too.

After my prostatectomy, I was down (and horny) but I was very optimistic that the right rehab would make things right again. Forget the 1.3 inches I had lost, let's get this thing working again. Everything LOOKED pretty much the same down there. Mostly I was angry. Then came the pills, several kinds. Months of trying. Occasional success. I'm getting more horny. Then came the vacuum pump. A horrible device invented in a dungeon somewhere. No real success in several months with that. Still horny. Then, you guessed it, the injections. The sanitizing routine, the needle loading routine, doing the (Yuck!) actual injection, the waiting routine, finally, and most of the time, a rock hard erection...sometimes painfully hard. But my partner was asleep by then! Or after all the routines, she is reading a book or doing her emails, or just waiting and getting perturbed. What a GREAT way to have sex?! While injections were mostly successful, they left lingering pain and headaches for hours and were expensive. But they created two lasting benefits: My penis was capable of getting hard as a rock, and a lasting erection, too. And, best of all, my partner was now getting satisfied (she couldn't watch the needle) and realizing that a hard penis is a GOOD thing, no matter how I get it. She learned that she liked the result, if not the process. She ignored the process, but loved having regular orgasms again.

After almost 2 years of penile TORTURE, my doc suggested an implant. I almost wanted to puke with the thought of that. Fear and anxiety. No, I can do the injections and be happy. NOT! I read and surfed. I watched every video on the web. I could have done an implant myself. I overloaded my brain with the invasive, gross, and unthinkable destruction of my penis once and for all. And, I got immune to the thought of the surgery. I just didn't think about it any more. And I got optimistic. My partner tried not to be too pro-implant, though I knew she again wanted the result if not the process. She let it be my decision, but she was OVERJOYED to hear that I had made my surgery appointment. She was now convinced, a hard penis is a good thing. Nothing restores my attitude like watching my partner go over the top with what I am doing to her.

An encouraging partner makes a lot of difference. We went forward together and she was very encouraging and helpful and PATIENT. I am 4 months beyond surgery now and things are good and getting better. There is a considerable rehab period and the scrotal incision is still sore to the touch. But this thing works! We are BOTH very happy with the results. It is taking some time to get my orgasms back...about 50% now. But she gets off every time. She loves her multiple orgasms.

I recommend to all out there, get a good partner and get your implant earlier rather than later. My partner makes me eager for sex. Personality (almost) restored.
Aug'15: RP NON-nerve-sparing on right. Pills, vac pump, injections: Injections were best with about 50% success rate. Aug'17: AMS CX 18 cm + 2 cm. (Undersized! :x ) Ochsner Hospital, New Orleans, LA.

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Re: Personality changes with sudden restoration of sexual ability?

Postby mtnman76 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 1:10 am

Lost Sheep,
Guess that I never worried about a personality change or being too sexually active. I have had a AMS 700 LGX 18 cm implanted for 18 mo (by Dr Francois Eid in NYC) and have been so very pleased with everything about it. After my wife died in 2010 from a brain tumor, I had so much anxiety from ED when I tried to establish a new relationship that the only feeling that I noticed was one of tremendous relief after finding that getting hard every time is easy, fast, and very dependable. Liberating! Amazing!

I would expect that you will be at least as sensitive and caring with your lover after an implant as before. My guess is that any personality change will be one of confidence and assurance. Lots of luck.

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Re: Personality changes with sudden restoration of sexual ability?

Postby Greg1956 » Tue Dec 12, 2017 7:45 pm

I had ED for 30 years to one degree or another. I tried to never let it get me down, but the frustration of knowing you are unable to engage in satisfying sex in the same way most people can does take a toll on you. I have now had my implant for three months and have been enjoying sex for seven weeks. I don't really notice that I have changed, but my wife told me she likes this new guy she is married to. I sashed if she meant the one whose penis works. She winked and said, well that too but I meant the guy who is happy all the time. I am glad she likes the new me but hope that doesn't mean I was hard to live with before.
I am 62 and had 30 years of ED. Implanted by Dr. Ronald Anglade in Atlanta on 9/18/17. I have an AMS LGX 18cm w/3cm RTE via a Penoscrotal incision. Currently 5 1/4” deflated and 6 3/8” inflated, 5.75” girth. Willing to Show & Tell.

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