Venus for Men, aka Venus 2000

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Venus for Men, aka Venus 2000

Postby Reggieman » Sun Apr 23, 2023 4:32 pm

I am seriously considering buying the Venus For Men. Other than the large price, can anyone with experience with the device mention what the down sides to using one are? Hate to be surprised after purchase.

As my signature indicates I have had a radical prostatectomy, inject Bimix for an erection, have ANORGASMIA (damn) and am 77 years old.
Retired. R.P. 2016. Bilateral nerve sparing surgery. Now use .15cc of Bimix twice weekly & anorgasmia, moderately incontinent. Wife no longer interested so go solo with Electro-stim using Erostek ET-312. Now am Type 2 diabetic.

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