Low RBC, low Iron, Anemia and ED

Anything goes when it comes to ED.
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Low RBC, low Iron, Anemia and ED

Postby Alan810 » Sun Feb 26, 2023 1:28 pm

I have had low iron for over 20 years as the Blood Bank has not been able to use my blood. Coincidentally, I have also started to have ED issues about the same time and it has progressively gotten worse over time.

A couple of years ago, my gastroenterologist noted that my RBC count was very low and took it upon herself to be concerned and find where I was losing blood. We made appointments with a Cardiologist, nephrologist, and oncologist/hematologist. All also took an interest and ordered different tests. In all this testing we found that my RBC was significantly low and that I was borderline anemic. Recently, my Cardiologist suggested that I consider taking Epogen (iron) injections to reduce the fatigue I am experiencing. My Oncologist/Hematologist agreed and ordered a round of iron infusions to bring up my iron count, as this was necessary for my health insurance to give approval.

My Testosterone is mid-range at 469, so it is not affecting my libido, which is generally high. But, I have very little erection response to any stimulus (this has been solved by using a VED and rings). I am now two weeks since that last iron infusion and notice that I’m seeing some erection reaction. Not enough for PIV, but 50-60% there. That got me researching to see if there was any correlation between low RBC, Iron and ED. I found “Iron deficiency anemia reduces that amount of oxygen in the blood that allows the body to function normally. This can lead to tiredness and fatigue, which may impact erectile function” (Medical News Today). I hope this improvement becomes permanent when and if I’m able to begin Epogen (iron) injections.

Anyone on FrankTalk have any thoughts or input on this subject?
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Re: Low RBC, low Iron, Anemia and ED

Postby Randalltx » Wed Mar 15, 2023 12:10 am

Yes. With Afib (Irregular heartbeat), obesity, heart failure history, and on and on, I passed out for no reason one night. Went to ER Hemoglobin was 7.5 so immediate transfusions and admission. A week later they still could not explain it. But it had been 12 and since then hung around 8.5-10.5.

I concluded eventually that blood thinners were contributing ( a slow leak througout my body) several episodes where entire limb would turn purple from internal leakage and stay that way for a month. Got a new device called watchman that allowed stopping blood thinners.

I found out that Anemia can contribute to Afib. Started with iron pills lots of red meat, dropped about 100lbs and felt lots better. However Hemoglobin still hanging low. Doubled iron, that helped.

I finally insisted on testosterone from GP who agreed to a low dose. After implant ask my urology surgeon if he would take it over. So he is upping the dose. I mentioned I had low hemoglobin, he chuckles and says well, not for long. So I guess it is so complicated that doctors don't make the connection.

Probably, they had given up on me is my conclusion. Beware these things guys take care of your health. Obesity, sleep apnea, afib, heart failure, anemia. Mine are all pretty well managed now. My ED was probably the only malady not of my own making. Not to complain, but I would like to see more curiosity and investigation from our medics. They agree quickly when I suggest something, but I shouldn't have to suggest. I guess Google is my doctor.
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