Arousal male problem

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Re: Arousal male problem

Postby Vlad10 » Wed Mar 15, 2023 6:48 am

PSSDorAmINormal wrote:I can relate to this. I generally need some sort of penile touch to get things started. Sometimes I get surprised once in awhile though. Have you ever had spontaneous erection or something happen at an unusual time?

yes I have spontaneous erection as well as morning. I do not have any problem with erection and blood flow. Problem is in arousal. When I was 14-16 years old I can get hard in 3 seconds just thinking about smth sexy. When I watched porn during my 14-16 years old I was so aroused that was difficult to brief and heart was pumping very fast. I felt extremely horny like a mad. But since 17 years old I became very calm I don't feel anything when I looking on sexy naked girl or when I kiss her. My body just understood direct contact on my penis. I didn't have any trauma during 16-17 years old, (just was circumcised due to phimosis) and I don't understand the reason of this changes. Now I'm 32, nothing has changed since 17. I'm sporty, completely healthy with high level of testosterone. I have regular sex and do not watch porn at all, I feel excellent except I'm like robot during sex without arrousal.

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Re: Arousal male problem

Postby PSSDorAmINormal » Fri Mar 17, 2023 1:56 am

Vlad10 wrote: I feel excellent except I'm like robot during sex without arrousal.

Could that be like a mind/mental thing. Maybe porn use for that period of about 3 years desensitized you or somehow your mind is somewhere else? Now you feel like a robot because you have seen and done it before
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