Neurological ED

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Neurological ED

Postby Nick12345678 » Sat Dec 31, 2022 11:32 pm

this is happen 2 year ago, when i do unprotected sex with a girl and did anal intercourse also, and she has multiple sex partner, after this intercourse some wound appears my penis foreskin, Some Lymph nodes Showing In Groin area, and i search about std and than i found lots of video about std but i don't do any std test and i apply Fungle infection cream and wound were heal but not Fully heal, than i again go for sex and this time i thinking about safe sex so i was wearing a condom but i don't use condom before so i don't know how to wear so i tightly wear the condom and then some blood leaking in My Erect penis foreskin, after this incident happen 3 to 4 days later My erection goes down slowly slowly, i will feel loss of my penis sensation, and after some time i don't feel my penis, my penis sensation is decreasing days by days, And now my penis not Fully Erect, wound Were Heal but Erection problem not solved, and my penis length also decrease i do penile doppler test and its report is normal, But when I do This test my penis not Hard like before, I think i have a neurogenic ed and after my penis erect then i feel some pain and burning sensation in penis foreskin and urethra, when I masturbate My penis length decrease and sensation also

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