Questions after pre- surgical appointment

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Questions after pre- surgical appointment

Postby Up4Real? » Wed Nov 04, 2020 1:01 pm

Would some of you tell me how you were measured for your implant at you pre-surgical appointment? I know that is just an estimate and the final determination is made during surgery.
I had understood the normal protocol was to measure (BPSP) bone pressed stretched penis directly on top of the penis.
My surgeon measured bone pressed only to the start of the glans / corona. My normal stretched penis is slightly over 7" and his method gave a 6" reading. He was estimating a 22cm. implant. What might be a reasonable expectation for penile length when healed? I was also told that I won't get glans engorgement. He says he won't inflate the implant until sometime afterwards (2 week post op I believe.) I have read about others needing to tape their penis up and going through all kinds of gyrations with an inflated penis immediately after surgery.
I am having a Titan with the legacy pump. He has guaranteed me that I will be very satisfied as well as my wife.
My surgery is 2 weeks away. I am really looking forward to the result....the process not so much. It appears that I will need more than the normal incision as I recently had nearly painless bilateral mesh repair with 3 very minimal openings for inguinal hernias and that surgery complicates the reservoir placement.
I will appreciate any input on any this.
Thanks in advance.
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