Ed got me confused, pleaseee help

Anything goes when it comes to ED.
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Ed got me confused, pleaseee help

Postby Tellmehow » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:17 pm

Hi everyone, first please excuse my English! I’m experiencing very confusing situation! I have had many sexual experiences namely oral, handjob and intercrural sex (not intercourse) in which I never recognized any softness! I have been also masturbating fully hard almost everyday to porn for many years. I have tried intercourses (my first intercourses) 5 times with different women during the past 3 years and in all occasions as soon as I wanted to penetrate I went soft. One urologist prescribed me with Viagra and 25mg helped. Then I reduced it to 12.5 mg and it was fine! Yesterday I even cut the 12.5 mg to half and I was fully hard in missionary position for 4 times during 4 hours ! But I lost my erection in cowgirl position! The confusing point is that While I’m alone I get durable and strong erections lying down (including long and hard morning wood) but while kneeling I need more manual stimulation to keep it up but yesterday in sex it was contrary wise! Now I’m a PhD student in a European country and I don’t have a good insurance to do tests like doppler ultrasound. I’m really afraid of venous leak! Could it be performance anxiety or conditioning myself to masturbating to porn? I’m generally anxious and I have been taking paxil for panic attacks. Could you please help me with your ideas?

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Re: Ed got me confused, pleaseee help

Postby bldoink » Wed Mar 25, 2020 5:40 pm

I'm not a medical professional of any kind. Anything I post is based on my own experiences (or readings) at best and hallucinations and or delusions at worst. Any internet advice is likely worth what you paid for it, or worse. Always ask your doctor and follow his/her advice.

I'm not suggesting this is your current issue but some anxiety drugs can cause issues. Here is a page from "Good Rx" that might be informative. A google search can turn up a lot more:
https://www.goodrx.com/blog/antidepress ... de-effect/

However, I think you have more going on that that but it could be your most recent issue. Maybe try a different anxiety drug?

You might want to try reaching out to the administrator of Frank Talk. He may have some valuable suggestions for you.

Good luck.

PS: I had to google intercrural sex.
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Re: Ed got me confused, pleaseee help

Postby tomas1 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 9:06 pm

It sounds like performance anxiety, but What do I know?
Have you ever experienced it after having some alcoholic drinks?
Maybe that would remove inhibitions if that was the problem.
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