I AM SO SICK OF THIS! ("see a sex therapist" bullshit)

Anything goes when it comes to ED.
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I AM SO SICK OF THIS! ("see a sex therapist" bullshit)

Postby Sadguy28 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 2:03 am

I am just getting so sick of all of this. I am 23 years old, and have never been able to be successfully sexually active. I have had chronic ED issues that have been worse over the last couple of years, including extreme premature ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation. I also have a very small amount of ejaculation. I do not get natural erections almost ever. During an ultrasound with 2 injections of meds the doctor could not cause an erection. My testosterone was tested at exactly 258.9 ng/dL but is still in the "normal range" which is just fucking bullshit. "Normal" for who? Maybe a 90 year old man but I am 23 years old. I have such low energy levels. I work my ass of to try to get in shape because I am getting such bad love-handles and waist fat. I get no muscle gain in my arms/legs no matter how hard I try and the muscle fatigue is awful. I have horrible sleep problems and have been diagnosed with sleep disorders. I even informed my doctor of all of this and concerns about muscle and bone wasting and she said to "exercise more"? Gee, I never thought of that...
I have been referred to sex therapists but how the fuck is that going to help me?

I am almost in tears and so frustrated. I don't even know where to turn anymore. My PCP keeps referring me to see the one of 4 urologists I have already seen and it has been all the same response.
"Exercise more"
"See a sex therapist"
"I'm not really sure what is going on, your testosterone is normal"
"It is common for men your age to feel anxious"

How much more do I need to spell it out for people to just take this seriously? It is HUMILIATING to have to talk about, so why is everyone making me feel like shit and embarrassed to want to feel normal. Please help me I am so done.

I am so sick of feeling shame for even advocating for myself at this point. I know my body and I just need someone to listen... :evil:

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Re: I AM SO SICK OF THIS! ("see a sex therapist" bullshit)

Postby Flavio » Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:43 am

You didn't have much luck with your doctors but seeking professional is essential, there are excellent urologists out there and you need to knock on the right door.

Your T levels are low for your age but I'm afraid I can't help you much with that. Mine are and always have been extremely low and that never stopped from having erections (with a little help from oral meds). I can tell you this, though: the role of testosterone in sexual function is not entirely clear. ED is a complex condition and testosterone is just one factor among many others.

There's nothing humiliating about this, ED is a medical condition and nothing to be ashamed of. I consulted several urologists and it was always a great relief to share my problems and thoughts with a professional.

I wish I could help you more but your post is a bit vague not very clear. I know better than anyone that this can be frustrating but ED is actually easily treatable. I suggest you keep doing a lot of research on this subject and keep an eye on the new MED 2005 topical gel: believe me, that stuff is going to be a revolution.
Age 40. Psychogenic ED for over 20 years. Current regimen: Avanafil 200 mg, oral phentolamine mesylate 40 mg.

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Re: I AM SO SICK OF THIS! ("see a sex therapist" bullshit)

Postby Jaypeep » Thu Feb 27, 2020 10:22 am

Dude, I have been EXACTLY where you are. ED started in my late 20’s and I saw a string of urologists who all dismissed it with a little blue pill and a lot of indifference. I had the same reaction as you in that I felt I was being treated the same way an 80 year ild would be but I was in my 20’s. I also had “normal” testosterone that was on the very edge of normal, usually around 280 or so. I was finally put on topical testosterone but again, the guy didn’t really know what he was doing. There was little testing to confirm my free test or estrogen levels and it did little for me. I was also suffering from bouts of chronic painful prostatitis that no one could explain.
I was depressed, pissed off, and frustrated and my relationship was suffering and my self esteem was shit.
It took a long time; but I did finally find a naturalpath who specializes in sexual issues who got me on the correct regimen of testosterone shots, anti-estrogen pills, as well as some other things. While this didn’t cure my ED ( found out later I had a venous leak), it did help with the mood, depression, weight gain, etc.
You should also look to find a urologist who specializes in sexual disorders, not just a traditional urologist. You will get a much better experience. The regular urologists truly don’t know how to handle young guys with issues like yours and very few of them will take the time to give a shit. I have seen probably 12 different urologists over the years and most of them were lousy and teuly didn’t care.
I know it’s frustrating and horrible to be going through what you are. Many of us on here do. Stick with it and find a doc who brings you satisfaction. Do some research online and see if anyone in your area fits the bill. You are going to have to be an advocate for yourself and keep pushing. Don’t let a shitty experience with a doc make you give up.
49 year old gay male. ED for 20+ years. Diagnosed with VL. Recently switched from pills to Trimix.

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Re: I AM SO SICK OF THIS! ("see a sex therapist" bullshit)

Postby alfa88 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 1:02 pm

Your history sounds alot like mine although I did manage to father a child in my 30s. Teens through 20s were miserable. Now into gezzerdom and after experimenting with (under Dr. supervision)blue, white, orange pills, VEDs, injections the Doc concludes it sounds like venious leak. I wish I would have heard that in the beginning. Of course there was none of those boner pills available back then and information was so sparse I had the impression that an implant would render me infertile. Do as Jaypeep suggests and keep seeking out a uro that specialize in sexual disorders. Avoid those Mens Clinics because from various posts here on FT they either over charge for meds or simply sell you snake oil.
53 years old, married 32 years. Decades of ED & PE. BPH. Tried Viagra W & W/O T-Shots, Levitra and Cialis, Edex, Trimix starter, medium, strong with poor results. VED is a last resort.

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