Recommendations for crotch deodorant ?

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Re: Recommendations for crotch deodorant ?

Postby Whodat » Fri Sep 20, 2019 3:39 pm

The bidet is one great sex enhancement tool. Have a separate one next to the toilet. Hardly gets any better than using it several times a day just to freshen up in the hot summer months or anytime you're in the mood to get excited.. Usually wash my GF and she washes me. Then inject!!!!!!
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Re: Recommendations for crotch deodorant ?

Postby Lost Sheep » Fri Sep 20, 2019 5:17 pm

Evinrude wrote:
oldbeek wrote:Dont knock it till you try one. When I am old and maybe have a stroke, no one will need to wipe my ass. Did I mention they also blow dry with warm air.

Not knocking it, just amazed there is "nothing" better... I mean I can see the usefulness...but is that it that fantastic ? Having said that in my experience shit is not very water soluble....seems like the bidet would have to spray at high pressure to knock off the offending crud ! :shock:

While we're at it, turns out we westerners don't even shit the right way... apparently it flows better in an upright squat position ... :?

This thread got me thinking about getting a bidet. My girlfriend is fastidious and would really appreciate having one in my bathroom. But Evinrude brings up two good points. The second one, she (and I) will probably not do much about, given the dimensions of the American toilet. But the pressure question (and water temperature) has me hesitating to invest a hundred or three dollars. Not to mention the plumbing required to get warm water into the mix.

Being an inveterate inventor (with no track record of actually having BUILT any of my great ideas), I have some ideas

One, an air-pump powered portable bidet (think of the engine from super-soaker water gun built into a seat riser with an integrated water tank one could fill manually from the bathroom faucet (to get the right temperature).

see this riser seat and imagine it as a housing for water tank, pressure tank (or electric pump), sprayer nozzles and controls. ... gLh7PD_BwE

Fill the water tank and close the pressure-tight fill opening
Pump up an air tank to appropriate pressure (unnecessary if the device has an electric pump, battery powered or plugged into an outlet)
Assume the seated position and do whatever is appropriate.
Press a button that selects anterior or posterior wash

Does anyone know of such a device? I did not find one exactly like it on the internet-yet. It could simply drop onto a toilet rim (of appropriate shape) without need for any installation at all. Or maybe just bolting onto the seat-mount bolt holes.

Edited: Oops. Apparently Kohler makes one for $350. Water supply connected to cold water? supply line, electric power to heat the water and warm air blower. Quick-release bolt-on mount. Home Depot?
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Re: Recommendations for crotch deodorant ?

Postby oldbeek » Sun Sep 22, 2019 10:44 pm

OK, The salesman is coming out in me. First off, when I mention Costco is because you can take it back if you don't like it. NO questions asked and the one they sell is pretty good at the best price you are going to find. They are not a separate unit as those in Europe are. It is a toilet seat that bolts on your original toilet just like the original toilet seat. Mine has a separate remote control that sits on my sink counter. The water plumbing has a T fitting that comes off your original toilet fill valve. The seat temp has 3 settings. The water temp has 3 temp settings. The whole thing is electric operated. You will need an electrical outlet near your toilet. That may be the only thing not DIY for some of you. There are many settings. Pressure, low too high. Oscillation or not. Warm air dry low too high. Remember it is always warm. I have owned one for 8 years and one for the second bath for 4 years now with no trouble. They have a built in computer so if it gets confused,, What do you do? Unplug the power for 10 seconds, just like any computer equipment. I highly recommend them
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