One Hell of a day.

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One Hell of a day.

Postby Grayfox » Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:02 pm

Before we get into serious planning for my implant, the surgeon wanted to check my urinary system just to be sure everything was in proper working order. So early this morning my urologist performed a Bladderscopy. Basically, he stuck a camera up my dick all the way to my bladder. :o Pretty much a simple procedure. No need for a driver, I was awake, local anesthesia to my penis and it doesn't take very long. A bit uncomfortable feeling, but no too bad. The prep takes a lot longer than the actual procedure.
So I'm laying there watching everything on the monitor screen. Suddenly the doctor stops and something catches my eye on the screen. That something turned out to be a kidney stone about the size of a marble and its stuck in the entrance to my bladder! :shock: The doctor is absolutely amazed that this thing hasn't been hurting like hell. But honestly, I had no clue it was there until I saw it on the screen. I've had no symptoms at all.
Doc asks " Have you had anything to eat or drink this morning?" ( BTW: this was about 7:30am) I said no. He smiled and said" This is your lucky day. You're already here and prepped, I have the time. If you can find someone to drive you home, we'll take care of this in a couple of hours."
So I frantically called my younger son as he wouldn't have left for work yet. As it turned out, he was off today. He heads my way knowing he has to be here before they'll even start the procedure and will have to stay to take me home.
Doc sends me to the clinic side of the building for blood work and x-rays. Then I return to the surgical side and wait. My son arrives and at 10:30 they wheel me into the operating room. After that, all I remember was waking up in recovery. :roll:
Anyway Doc tells me everything went very well. He cut the stone up with a laser and pulled the pieces out. Its gone! ;)
I got home about 2:00pm and spent the next couple of hours sobering up from the anesthesia. Then my son takes me back to the office to pick up my truck which is still parked there. HOLY SHIT! Its rush hour in Memphis and traffic is bumper to bumper almost the whole way there and back. :evil:
Oh well, in the end, my kidney stone is gone, I'm a little sore and I'll be peeing blood for the next couple of days. But I'll be just fine. ;)
But Man! Its been one Hell of a day. :roll:
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Re: One Hell of a day.

Postby bldoink » Wed Jun 19, 2019 10:23 pm

When I had stones lasered out they left in a stent and a catheter for a few days. When they finally pulled it out (the stent) my pee tube was pissed off and swelled shut for about 6 hours giving me moderate kidney stone type pain for the duration. That's been several years and I've been good since in the stone Dept. I had two and they had been causing me considerable grief. I had the TV picture thing up into my bladder a couple of years ago. Checking for cancer I guess. That wasn't too bad but not what I'd call fun. I'm glad your event went so well. Maybe one hell of a day but it was just one day. Sounds like a good doctor.
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Re: One Hell of a day.

Postby alibaba » Thu Jun 20, 2019 1:07 pm

Glad it worked out well and it is gone. Every time I travel it seems I hit the traffic in Memphis and I understand hating it. I loathe it too. Cheers man. Be well.
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