Gay/Bisexual/Heterosexual differences

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Gay/Bisexual/Heterosexual differences

Postby Lost Sheep » Tue Mar 19, 2019 1:55 pm

Are there differences in Prostate Cancer, Prostate Conditions, PSA levels, and erectile dysfunction, particularly as these relate to sexual practices (between homosexual men, bisexual men, heterosexual men)?

The supposition that anal play may have effects on one's prostate is compelling and seems to have induced a study/clinical trial by the University of Minnesota (see this thread inviting men to participate in a survey).


Some members of FrankTalk have indicated a desire to discuss the matter and a new thread was suggested by the Administrator, but no on rose to the occasion, so here I do.

I have heard that prostate massage (look up several posts by "HandfulWes") may have beneficial health effects. Sexual anal play may have similar benefits, but no one I know of has studied the question rigorously. So, I wonder.

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Re: Gay/Bisexual/Heterosexual differences

Postby navy6587 » Tue Mar 19, 2019 3:38 pm

Since there is always money to throw at any question, I'll propose a personal result that requires no funding whatever. I engaged in anal sex as early as 18-19 when stationed in CA after graduating HS. This, and other bisexual activities continued until I was married in 1970. From that time until about 2005 and my onset of ED, I was completely monogamous...except for the very occasional masturbation activities that also included objects de sex employed in my rectum. Up to that time, all PSA numbers and yearly DREs (digital rectal exams) were very low and 'unremarkable' as far as palpations go.

From 2005 through now, I re-engaged myself in sexual activities with straight, bisexual and gay men including anal sex (I am a bottom), digital play, rimming, 69, etc. with no obvious medical effects (i.e. PSA numbers or prostate 'bumps' during yearly DREs). Two years ago, I requested HIV testing as a precaution even though I had no evidence to warrant a test. My PCP obliged and all the reports came back negative.

The only conclusion I can draw from my own experience and testing results is that I have had no negative effects from any of the several (dozens) of M2M playdates I've had. And to answer the burning question that many of you may have - YES...I have physically enjoyed it all. Some of the enjoyment may derive from performing the acts oneself to another for the simple pleasure of enjoying the moment and not judging whether it may be 'right or wrong' in the eyes of society. Yes, there are inherent dangers in hooking up willy-nilly with anyone who comes along and, yes, to this point I might have been very lucky. However, that isn't the point of this discussion, is it? Matter of fact, I just had my yearly DRE today and my urologist gave me a strong upcheck. My last PSA total was 1.4. I will have another test on Thursday, 3/21, with my PCP's nurse. I don't trust the urology firm any more but that's another story.

My unpaid for and unofficial conclusion is that all my M2M playing has had no effect on my ED, PSA numbers, or prostate condition. Just me sayin'.....

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