Testosterone suppliments

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Testosterone suppliments

Postby Grayfox » Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:00 pm

If you have been reading my other thread, you know that I've found out that my testosterone level is 770. That's actually pretty good, but is slightly lower than the desired range of 800-850. At this time, I've decided not to get the injections as I am so close to the desired levels. However, I am considering adding a testosterone supplement to my daily medications to try to raise my levels just a bit.
Researching on the internet is confusing. There are many types, most with some sort of macho catchy name and prices are all over the place. So does anybody have any experience with supplements? Any recommendations? Will the local drug store brand work just as well? Tell me what you think.
Developed ED after Heart attack and by-pass in 2000. Used pills for years, but they don't work anymore. Shots don't work. Used a VED for several years. AMS 700 LGX installed 8-7-19.

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