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Re: Canadian pharmacy

Postby SteveSW » Sun Jan 27, 2019 6:08 pm

As I noted, the boner pills I get are also made in India (as are many drugs sold in the US) are delivered by a British pharmacy. The drug is use is widely available in Britain, and certified by the English version of our FDA. So, I'm going with it being fine.
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Re: Canadian pharmacy

Postby redandwhite » Sun Jan 27, 2019 8:14 pm

I buy from <> (hope its OK to put the link on here.) My situation, I have a service connected disability from my time in the US Army and receive free med care and scrips from the VA. However, the VA formulary is very basic. I also have a medicare advantage plan, to give me options when the VA is very slow or won't help in certain circumstances such as podiatry (my VA doc said he wouldn't be able to get me an appointment with the podiatry clinic unless my toes were bleeding, but I was trying to prevent getting to that point, for example) . I did the cheapest medicare advantage plan possible meaning without prescription coverage. So, some of my meds are prescribed by my local non-VA physician. She gives me a scrip for 90 days at a time which the online canadian pharmacy above accepts. Then I choose which options I want for each drug. I've found that while a drug from India, Mauritius(!), and other places might be the very cheapest option, there are two advantages from paying just a bit more for a canadian-produced drug. First, it arrives more quickly. Second, it tends to look exactly like the version I used to get in the US when I had group insurance through work. This just makes me feel more confident in the quality. Many of the drugs that are name-brand-only here in the US (one I take is Zetia) have generic options in Canada. A 30 day scrip for Zetia at my locally owned pharmacy (cheaper than the big chains) is $265. I get the 90 day supply from canadapharmacyonline for $95 for generic (the name brand is also available for about the same price for 90 days as the 30 day supply locally!), plus $10 shipping for whole order no matter how many different scrips I fill at a time. I've been using the above online firm for 6 years now without a glitch.
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Re: Canadian pharmacy

Postby Hunchback » Mon Jan 28, 2019 1:51 am

Which of these could be available in the EU?
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