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Postby Echegollen » Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:07 pm

Hi guys,

During my last visit to my urologist, I asked him if there were any promising treatments for ED coming up because I am still not ready to go for the implant. He replied that ''Botox injection'' could be one, but more studies need to be done. Basically, the idea behind this treatment is to inject Botox into the penis' smooth muscles to relax them in order to trap the blood more efficiently. During a normal erection, the smooth muscles relax and become bigger. By taking more space, the smooth muscles compress the veins and the blood is trapped.

For a quite some time, I thought my problem was that I had a venous leak. However, several doppler tests confirmed I don't have any. My problem would be the incapacity of my smooth muscles to relax for a long period. That would be the reason I lose my erections so quickly. Botox could solve this problem. The same way Botox can relax the muscles of the forehead responsible for wrinkles, it could relax the smooth muscles of the penis.

After browsing on Internet, I did find out that Dr. Arm Raheem from International Andrology in London would be offering this treatment in the near future. Last July, I had a phone consultation with Dr. Raheem during which he told me he had great results with Botox during several clinical studies. However, he told me more time was needed before it could be approved in England.

After browsing on Franktalk, I did find this thread from ''thanos'':


He told me that this treatment was already available at International Andrology in Greece. I immediately contacted them and got a phone consultation with Dr. Chris Fliatouras. He told me I could be a good candidate. Technically, this treatment is still not approved in Greece either, but since the clinical trials were successful, they are giving it anyways.

So on the 11th of September 2018, I met Dr. Fliatouras at his office in Athens, Greece. He injected botox on both sides of my penis. The injection was almost pain free. It lasted 1 minute. He told me that it takes between 2 weeks to 1 month before seeing the results.

The cost for the Botox treatment was 600 euros. Considering that Euro is much more expensive than Canadian dollar and that I had to fly there and rent a hotel, it was a very expensive experience. However, I know my experience will benefit others whatever the outcome is. If this treatment works, I want people to know asap. If it doesn't work, I want people to know asap so they can avoid wasting their money like me.

I will keep you guys posted.
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Re: BOTOX for ED

Postby jelquinginjury » Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:17 pm

Hi I am interested in Botox too. Thanks for the post
Have you noticied any change since the day of the injection?
Injury that caused venous leak.
In my 20s thinking about implant

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Re: BOTOX for ED

Postby alibaba » Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:07 pm

Keep us posted. There was an article about it plus I had read a mention here. At the time I asked whatever urologist I had seen at the time and he said it would not work.

The local botox specialist here told me it will not work for my wifes constant itch and pain where she had shingles 12 years ago either but I continually wonder, would it?

Please keep us updated. Not like all the rest of the stuff we put in our bodies isn't toxic too. Cheers bud.
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Re: BOTOX for ED

Postby torless50 » Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:47 am

How is it going?
Thinking about implant

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Re: BOTOX for ED

Postby Echegollen » Tue Oct 16, 2018 7:50 pm

Time for the update on the botox injection.

I had my injection on September 11th. We are now October 16th. So it's been more than 1 month already.

Results: Absolutely no improvement at all in my erection quality. :( Sorry guys but that is the sad truth.

The only difference I have seen is a huge decrease in my semen volume. It is kind of weird. For some reason, there is almost no sperm when I ejaculate. I used to ejaculate a lot of sperm. The orgasm is still as strong but for some reason only a little drip of sperm comes out when I ejaculate. Maybe it has nothing to do with the Botox injection but the coincidence is pretty strong. The truth is that I don't really care about the volume of my sperm right now. All I wanted is improvement with my erections but I really didn't get it.

I'm tempted to say that I wasted 600 euros (900$) + a ton of money to travel to Athens. However, I know I wouldn't have been in peace with myself before trying it. I now know for myself that this treatment don't work and I don't think it will work for anybody with severe ED like me. I can now move on. I am also very happy to have been able to share my experience in this forum so that other members in this community can save their money. Finally, at least I got to visit the Parthenon. Lol.

I guess I'll have to stick with the injections for now. I am just not ready for an implant yet.
I'm 33 years old. Never was able to maintain my erections for more than 1 minute. Pills don't work. Had sclerotherapy by Dr. Kuehhas in Austria in 2016. Didn't work. Injections (Caverject) are the only things that gave me good results.

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Re: BOTOX for ED

Postby hope794 » Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:24 pm

Thank you for sharing!
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