Testosterone shots.

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Re: Testosterone shots.

Postby DaveKell » Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:15 am

seeking info wrote: I love the way I feel the three days right after my injections each week!

Exactly. I've noticed the same thing. Three days after my shot I feel years younger and ready to fight a platoon of young Marines. I can't keep my hands off my wife. Sadly, it seems like 3 days after that the effect diminishes drastically. Personally I wouldn't mind injecting myself with smaller doses on a daily basis to keep the effect ongoing but don't want to get to stroke threshold territory again. At age 64 my T levels have hit beyond the top end of the scale before with exactly following the dosage prescribed. My doc cut dosage in half. I have an appointment next week where a lab will be drawn to check the level. I know it's going to show up lower than the optimal range for me to be at. My doc is extremely cooperative and I'm certain he'll increase my dosage again. At age 65 now I have no concern with the shrinking balls either. They serve little purpose for me anyhow!
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Re: Testosterone shots.

Postby ethanyoung13 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:07 am

I can't argue that the test is necessary in some severe cases, but isn't it better to take something non-hormonal? It's extremely dangerous for your endocrine system and for the general health in terms of potential dangerous outcomes it may cause. Of course, if it's prescribed after a comprehensive test it's ok. As an alternative you may try sherbets https://www.reviewsbay.com/superbeets-reviews/. It may be ge helpfull.

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