Does shockwave/PRP work for anyone?

One of the newer treatments for ED, Shock Wave Therapy is still in it's experimental stages. While the treatment often sounds promising, it is only effective for a few patients and the results are not permanent. Informed Consumers are the best patients!
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Re: Does shockwave/PRP work for anyone?

Postby SWOhio » Wed May 24, 2023 1:57 pm

Mazzio wrote:
SWOhio wrote:I had the gianswave treatment. Put me on generic cialis why I did the treatments. Also had the PRP injection. This and a boatload ofsupplements

Gainswave is not the same treatment as shockwave. Shockwave uses more energy and is better for severe ED cases. Comparisons of these two treatmets are easy to find. I would not pay a penny for gainswave.

Sadly i learned this too late
No implant. Adverse effects to PDE5 inhibitors. Now I have tinnitus permanently from low dose generic cialis
Tried Gainswave, Phoenix and pretty much everything

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