Does shockwave/PRP work for anyone?

One of the newer treatments for ED, Shock Wave Therapy is still in it's experimental stages. While the treatment often sounds promising, it is only effective for a few patients and the results are not permanent. Informed Consumers are the best patients!
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Does shockwave/PRP work for anyone?

Postby Hillywilly » Sat Mar 18, 2023 7:58 am

I’ve got some hourglassing or a weak link in my erection. Have these treatments fixed this for any of you?
33 HG deformity when semi since 20 but didn't cause problems until November 2022. Now band of tightened tissue around the middle of my erection and difficulty acheiving and maintaining erection on max dose PDE5's daily.

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Re: Does shockwave/PRP work for anyone?

Postby riseagain » Sat Mar 18, 2023 11:47 am

tried PRP shots, don't waste your money. Didn't help a bit.
64 yrs old. Started using Viagra mid-forties, Pre op length 6.5 to 7 inches, girth 6 inches at base and 5.5 mid shaft. Post op length 7 inches, lost a little girth. Married 38 years to an awesome wife. Implanted on 8/4/2022 Titan 24cm XL. Dr Hakky

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Re: Does shockwave/PRP work for anyone?

Postby alexkidd69 » Sun Mar 19, 2023 8:17 pm

Your question and history suggest you have had the hourglass version of Peyronie's disease for maybe 15 years. The theory behind PRP is that the platelets help to heal the injured/damaged area. Assuming your Peyronie's was initially caused or started due to injury, after 15 years the healing period is long past and you are dealing with the scars left behind. Now the theory behind shockwave is that breaks up the plaque and other gunk clogging your penile arteries, and that will help with your ED -IF YOUR ED IS DUE TO VASCULAR ARTERY PROBLEMS. If your arteries in the scarred area are impaired, SHOCKWAVE MIGHT improve your situation some, and if getting shockwave PRP MIGHT help with that.
ED is very disheartening and there are people out there who will sell you pills and do therapy to give you your 18YO penis again, if you just give them your money. If you have had a recent injury PRP MIGHT work for you. If you are getting older, or if you have diabetes, or the pills just don't work well enough any more or your ED has gradually started getting more and more frequent SHOCKWAVE MIGHT work for you. And that is assuming [b]YOUR ED IS DUE TO VASCULAR ARTERY PROBLEMS[/b]. [b]Get a penile doppler ultrasound![/b] Done properly they will scan your flaccid penis, give you an injection and scan your erect penis. (they may scan you semi erect too). if your arteries/inflow is the problem, shockwave MIGHT work for you. (and SHOCKWAVE plus PRP might work even better) If the veins/outflow are the issue, cleaning plaque out of the veins just mean they drain faster so shockwave won't work for you. Plan on using a cock ring, unless you can pay for some surgery, that I suspect will not be covered by your insurance.
Medicare will cover a Penile Doppler Ultrasound. It can determine if the ED is vascular in nature and if so is the problem inflow or outflow. I assume so will the VA, and most private insurance. That test is not as common as it once was as doctors will now write a Rx for Viagra etc. and if that works- it is vascular not psych. You may need to have this done at a hospital, as the test will require someone to give the injection, (which is someone most ultrasound techs are not trained to do). If you have a TRIMIX prescription, (and bring the meds) maybe an imaging center will allow you to self inject, which would enable them to do a procedure they would otherwise have to turn away.

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