Soft glans

One of the most misdiagnosed issues in medicine! This baffling and frustrating condition can create physical and emotion destruction. There is hope! It is VERY treatable. We will set you on the right track.
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Soft glans

Postby Lilo94venösleak » Wed Apr 10, 2024 1:35 pm

Hello, I have been suffering from erectile dysfunction for 8 years, which is very strange. 8 years ago I had an operation to lengthen my penis. Since then I have had premature ejaculation, a soft glans, my penis is at 10 degrees on the right. To date no doctor has been able to tell me what the problem is. Strangely enough, I manage to penetrate and the two upper erectile tissues become hard, only the lower one and the glans only become hard for a very short time

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