Hf 3 years with this

One of the most misdiagnosed issues in medicine! This baffling and frustrating condition can create physical and emotion destruction. There is hope! It is VERY treatable. We will set you on the right track.
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Hf 3 years with this

Postby Stfl1397 » Tue Dec 13, 2022 2:47 am

Hi im from colombia, i have hf because of Bad Practice of edging and penile Pump, i contract much the perineum muscles and mi penis is going down when im masturbating, i think fast this is Wrong because in the next day i Dont have Morning erection and My penis not have erection with the contact with my underwear, very Low libido, the size change, and very Strange Sensation likes numbness in My balls, glans and pinchez, Dont forget it the change of color and very anxiety and depress i think do it the malleable Implant because i Search everything like dct, CPPS, pudendal nerve, prostatitis, varicoceles and Nobody is cured only people improve but temporary, all test are normal the only thing i have Bad vertebral disc l5-s1-s4 thats all

What is your opionion o RECOMMENDED to me thanks

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Re: Hf 3 years with this

Postby Frank Talk Admin » Tue Dec 20, 2022 2:11 pm

Treatment for all variations of this condition is similar. Pelvic Floor physical therapist. Psychiatric drugs to help with stress/anxiety. Yoga, pelvic floor stretching exercises, PDE5I medications, various suppositories. It is VERY treatable and with the right doctors, you will be fine again.

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