Hard flaccid

One of the most misdiagnosed issues in medicine! This baffling and frustrating condition can create physical and emotion destruction. There is hope! It is VERY treatable. We will set you on the right track.
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Re: Hard flaccid

Postby Waqas007 » Wed Feb 16, 2022 3:45 pm

ViaSwiss wrote:I basically had all of the symptoms, I made minor improvements to them prior by doing different pelvic floor exercises. The ones that helped the most were bicycle kicks, hindu squats, and glute bridges, combined with alternating reverse kegels and regular kegels. Mindfulness and focuses relaxations of full body also helped. There seems to be a sympathetic system dominance that can sometimes go with HF.

Prior to that I tried lots of trigger point therapy and other exercises that were never able to help.

However, I still had issues with coldness, numbness, loss of mind to penis connection, contracted hard shriveled penis (which HF name comes from), strange veins, rubbery hollow feeling, changes in color, ED, pain at times although this was less of an issue. For me, standing up and especially going on walks helped with HF temporarily.

All those issues are now gone w an implant. I can't think of any HF symptom I have now..

Thanx for replying
I have all these symptoms how is the feeling after implant specially when you stand because I lose connection with my penis when I stand

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Re: Hard flaccid

Postby westerntown » Thu Mar 24, 2022 4:30 pm

Viaswiss, if you see this I have shot you over a Private Message. Please read it and respond
Late 2020, penile injury. Hard flaccid like symptoms since. Flaccid Hourglassing. always turtled. Sever loss of rigidity. Unable to have penetrative sex with girlfriend. Cialis does not help. 21yo, Ca

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Re: Hard flaccid

Postby riseagain » Mon Apr 18, 2022 10:59 am

what is hard flaccid exactly.
64 yrs old. Started using Viagra mid-forties, Pre op length 6.5 to 7 inches, girth 6 inches at base and 5.5 mid shaft. Post op length 7 inches, lost a little girth. Married 38 years to an awesome wife. Implanted on 8/4/2022 Titan 24cm XL. Dr Hakky

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