Tried FlowMax, big mistake, bad side effect

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Tried FlowMax, big mistake, bad side effect

Postby crkckr » Sat May 21, 2022 11:45 pm

So after I got my implant (mostly thanks to the information I got from Frank Talk) it took about 4 or so months for orgasms to return. I thought I was done for but over time I finally felt I was getting closer until finally everything had healed up enough that they returned. Hugh relief, I don't think I'd gone that long without one since I was maybe 12 or 13 years old (even if, in the years before the implant - and after the viagra atopped working - I was flogging the proverbial dead horse!).
Then, due to minor urinary problem (taking a long time to pee and dribbling after I thought I was done) my doc put me on FlowMax. First morning I took it, I got off that afternoon but was already dry, a not unexpected side effect. The suff worked great, however, shortly afterwards, I ran into another side effect - anorgasmia. I took the FM for another couple of weeks but didn't like not having orgasms at all so stopped taking it. That was last Janurary and now, still no orgasms! Total bummer! Doc put me on 5mg of cialis daily with no help for either the dribbles or AO. I'm currently taking another med for the dribbles but nothing specific for the anorgasmia, which I think is much more important than a few dribbles. I still have a couple of threads to read here but I'm certainly open to suggestions!
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Re: Tried FlowMax, big mistake, bad side effect

Postby Martin6469 » Tue May 24, 2022 3:29 pm

Thanks for the warning. I guess TURP is the better remedy. There's a urethral squeeze gadget a friend had - he liked it. It's activated by a bulb in the scrotum, if you have room.

I hope your side effect eventually wears off. Maybe some urologist knows a Flowmax antidote.
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