DE on Trimix when TTC

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DE on Trimix when TTC

Postby 1000Mike » Tue Jan 11, 2022 2:02 pm

Hello, new to this forum but glad I found it. I'm 40 year old healthy male that has suffered from severe and crippling ED since I was 21. All my labs and all testing has come back fine throughout the years. Viagra and other ED pills worked until I was like 31-32 then they had no effect. Since then I have been using Trimix and it has given me an excellent boner every time. My wife and I are not very sexually active as she has a very low libido. Normally, we have sex about once a month (which sucks), but lately we have been having sex 3 times a month during her ovulation period as we are trying for our 3rd child.

So now here is my problem. I cannot ejaculate during intercourse with my wife and I use trimix. This problem started a year ago. But since we are actively trying to have a baby, ejaculating in her vagina is necessary obviously. Since I cant ejaculate during intercourse, I do the "reverse pull out method", in which I masterbate next to her to the point of no return and seconds before I am about to ejaculate I insert my penis inside her and cum in her. Having sex when you have ED and DE is absolutely brutal.

What I have noticed that has been happening is that after I do the reverse pull out and ejaculate on Trimix, I can still stay like 65% hard and with 5 minute interval and I can masterbate again and ejaculate inside her. Keeping in mind I am only 40, is this normal for Trimix to allow multiple orgasms within 5 minutes apart, given that my penis is still erect enough? Or is my reverse pull out method just not releasing the max amount of semen, so I am able to quickly go a second round and finish off?

Its a complicated problem mixing ED, DE, and TTC (Trying to Conceive)

Also, does anyone have any tips, lubes, or anything to help me ejaculate quickly during intercourse? Keeping in mind, my wife has very low libido and she just cant herself to get into sex, which in turns make me less aroused.

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Re: DE on Trimix when TTC

Postby Martin6469 » Sat Jan 15, 2022 12:05 am

I use 100mg sildenafil (generic Viagra) with about half the Trimix I would otherwise need. Get this combo prescription from your doc; if Trimix has a DE effect on you, maybe this experiment will turn it up. But be careful to start with minimal Trimix and titrate it up as you first did, to avoid priapism. I've not heard of Trimix causing DE, but we guys are all different.

There are suggestions regarding low female libido in various topics in the forum. "Trouble getting wife on board" in Sexuality 2.0 is one of several. Do keyword searches.

Good luck and keep us posted
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Re: DE on Trimix when TTC

Postby Growinjim » Fri Feb 11, 2022 8:33 am

Thanks 1000Mike. I'm 78 and use Trimix but have trouble
with intravaginal ejaculation. It seems I have lost a lot of sensitivity
In my glans. (This will sound strange) Knowing that in embryo
development the clitoris and penis come from the same
tissue. Sex is determined by the chromosomes. So with
that reasoning I bought some Make Me Cum Clit Sensitizer
from Adam and Eve and had much improved feeling/sensitivity.
It was like years ago. I didn't Quite cum in wife's vagina but was
close. Experiments continue.
78 yrs, ED for 4-5 years, currently using Trimix, Giddy

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Re: DE on Trimix when TTC

Postby Stew52 » Tue Apr 19, 2022 10:36 pm

Sounds complicated. Sounds like a situaition for you being a sperm donor and having her artificially inseminated with it.
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Re: DE on Trimix when TTC

Postby Howling8 » Fri Apr 22, 2022 5:32 pm

DE is a pain. I miss the natural progression of things. I find it bewildering that scientists haven't been able to successfully address it, I'd take a few years of PE instead. It's actually gotten worse since my implant.
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