Nerve Stimulator Creams

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Nerve Stimulator Creams

Postby Stew52 » Thu Mar 25, 2021 6:00 pm

If some causes of DE is neuropathy due to age, drugs (Rx or OTC), or overuse, has anyone had any luck restoring nerve function with so-called nerve repair creams such as Neuro Biologic neuromethylation cream or the now famous Australian Outback oil blend, or others. I have advancing neuropathy in my feet and have tried these to uncertain effect there. I also see places advertised, such as one that portend to treat neuropathy in San Antonio TX. Has anyone tried or had any benefit is any of this?
NOT an MD. 69, M49 yrs, CenTX US. Inj since 12/16 a yr after pills stopped working. Caverject for a yr. 1/18 Tri-Mix at 30 pap/2 phent/60 pge @0.3ml supp w/0.1-0.2ml 80mcg/ml PGE1 on occasion for a longer session. DE/Anorgasmia setting in since 5/19

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Re: Nerve Stimulator Creams

Postby Martin6469 » Tue May 18, 2021 9:25 pm

There are several creams on Amazon that a minority of reviews say work. I've been trying "Man1 Man Oil" for a month and have not seen an improvement. I'm giving it another month and then will try another cream, working my way through the list. I'll report here if I find one that helps.

From reading many FT comments on different subjects, it seems that different guys of the same age report different results from ED treatments, so if something doesn't work for me, it might work for you.
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Re: Nerve Stimulator Creams

Postby BigEyes » Sun May 30, 2021 3:28 pm

Hey guys

I am a naturopathic doctor (ND) that has worked with many men over the past couple decades trying to help them with their issues. Sometimes, I'm successful, sometimes not. I don't want to break your bubble, but I have yet to find anything that works in this area. However, don't stop trying!!

I actually tried to get a nitroglycerin gel with a prescription for the drug "Rectiv" primarily used for rectal fistulas. However, the price for a 30 gram tube was close to $800.

I see now that it is available as a 2% cream, 30 gm tube under the name "Nitro-Bid for $45.

If you do try something like this, BE CAREFUL Nitroglycerine is used for heart conditions and can cause severe problems if misused.

To the commend: "everyone is different." -- I second that. Over the years, as I said, I have worked with many guys. Each one might have a completely different response to the same thing. I documented this with an herbal extract of Yohimbe, and was very surprised with the range of results!!

Please post any results you feel are noteworthy .

Big Eyes (AKA Dr. Jim)
Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.) and Herbalist. ED and occasional Anorgasmia from perineal surgery for rectal cancer Dec. 2012

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