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From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Posted: Fri Sep 11, 2020 7:11 pm
by LMCatman
From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Like many of us "older guys", my erections were getting a little weaker. I had to stand up to fuck or I'd lose my erection. Then came Radical Prostatectomy. No erections from the limp noodle. My favorite girls could get me off but, over time, that became more and more difficult. I could see it in their eyes 'c'mon already, get it over with'.

Then came my first implant. It was botched but....I COULD FUCK....and I could come (post RP - no semen).

Second implant (first revision). This was the greatest. I discovered the "never ending post RP Cowgirl Super-Orgasms". This was the best sexual "era" of my entire life!

Third implant (second revision). Lost a little more sensitivity. I could fuck and come but no more "Super-Os", no more Cowgirl Os. But I could fuck and I could come.

A year or so ago, I started having difficulty reaching orgasm and eventually stopped having orgasms with girls totally. I could "fuck the sheets" and sometimes come. Saw Dr Perito and he made several recommendations. I tried the TriMix gel, I started testosterone shots, I used vibrating cock-rings. No luck.

A post in the Implants section led me to totally stop watching porn and stop masturbating. Fairly soon I started having what I call Ghost-Orgasms. The only position this would work in was "the Lazy Doggy". I'd get to a point where I should be having an orgasm. My body felt like it. My brain felt like it. But I couldn't quite get "over the top". Then "my Ferrari" started sucking me the second I climbed off of her. WOW!!!! OK, that's an orgasm!

Dr Perito recommended Cialis if the Tri-Mix didn't work. It took me a while to get generic (my drug store wanted $1700 or so for a 30 Day scrip. I finally got the generic Cialis and it upped my game. I had the "pull out and suck me" orgasms twice each session. And....I FELT SATISFIED!!!

Within the past two weeks or so, I've started having "throbbing in the pussy" orgasms followed by immediate sucking. The sucking prolongs the orgasm for an amazingly long time. Honestly, I don't know how long....may only be 20 seconds, I don't know. It's great! Only with "Lazy Doggy". Then yesterday, I had my first "missionary" orgasm in ....years?. Followed immediately by sucking, it went on and on and on! I was so satisfied that I left without a second helping.

I don't think any one thing gave me back my orgasms. The "no porn, no masturbating" was, I think, an important part. The testosterone shots...maybe. Apparently, though, the (generic) Cialis is the "icing on the cake".

As we old (and some not so old) try to hold on to our sex lives, I say one thing....KEEP ON TRYING!!!

Good luck guys!

Re: From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Posted: Mon Sep 21, 2020 3:33 pm
by anonymous 5
Hi LMCatman,

I read your post; interesting journey you've been on. I am curious about some things you wrote.

You've had 3 implants in 7 years; is that right? Also, you appear to be saying that you currently (or recently) used Trimix Gel, testosterone shots, and now cialis, in addition to having an implant. Could you explain how these 'supplements' work with an implant?

Also, could you say how you went about getting the revisions? (What is the process, including requirements necessary for a revision, cost, payer, etc.) Any info will be appreciated. (With 3 revisions in 7 years, I'd say you qualify as knowledgeable about the subject.)


Re: From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Posted: Tue Sep 22, 2020 6:32 pm
by LMCatman
Well, with three implants (not to mention RP and radiation), there is some loss of feeling. My first (lying asshole) surgeon nicked the little vein that "feeds" the head. Biggest early result: cold glans. But with each surgery you lose a little something. A year or so (old man's memory) ago I started having difficulty achieving orgasm. Eventually I was having no orgasm at all or a "ghost" orgasm where "you're there, you just can't "get over"

My main problem is minimal blood flow to the top of the glans.

With "My Ferrari", we discovered that if she'd suck me right when I pulled out I'd start trembling and whimpering as she sucked. As if I'd had an orgasm and was still coming as long as she'd keep sucking me.

She wasn't fond of the Tri-Gel but didn't complain or refuse. She'd always end up with it in her mouth. She's glad the Cialis works

With my "third dick" (second implant) and an energetic girl "riding cowboy", I could have an orgasm that would last just about as long as she'd keep riding. This was often in threesomes where the "extra" girl is pushing and encouraging my "cowgirl" to keep moving, I'm making "Three Stooges" noises, the girls are laughing, I'm laughing...... I'd finally end this with 'do you know the number for nine one one?'

My testosterone was "borderline low". I'm amused at giving myself shots and how easy and painless it (usually) is!

Apparently Cialis (generic) has done the trick. I'm having a "throbbing in the pussy" orgasm with every session and a second orgasm (usually "ghost") an hour later.

The purpose of all three was to increase blood flow to the top of my glans. While continuing the T-shots, it's the Cialis!

My costs have been minimal. My first was covered by Humana like "reconstructive breast surgery" would be for women, the concept being making me whole after prostate cancer, RP and radiation. Humana also covered my revision one year later. Dr Perito's office made the arrangements. We had a snag at 4:30 the afternoon before surgery but still got it re-approved to have the surgery the next day.

My second revision was under Medicare. Again, Dr Perito's office did most of the "heavy lifting".

Anyway...the good, bad and ugly of it all adds up to: I CAN FUCK!!!! And now I can come too (no semen, of course)...

Good luck guys!!

Re: From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2020 1:22 am
by oldbeek
I recently had an AUS installed and now have better blood flow to my glans. I asked my surgeon why and he had no idea. Just said I got a bonus. He also was second on my implant surgery.

Re: From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 1:56 pm
by LMCatman
What is an AUS?

Re: From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Posted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 12:24 pm
by anonymous 5

I just checked the board for the first time in weeks and noted your response. I really appreciate your taking the time to write the in-depth reply. Thanks!

So, just double-checking my understanding of the supplements in addition to the implant, these drugs (cialis, etc) are for lack of blood flow/feeling in your glans; and it apparently works.

If my reading is correct, it sounds like it's worked great for you. It's just that I'd never heard of this before. I wonder if many urologists recommend this?

Thanks again,


Re: From great orgasms to no orgasms and back to great orgasms....

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 9:02 pm
by barrylandon
Unlike LMCatman, I have been unable to orgasm/ejaculate (anorgasmia) from sex with my wife since before my implant surgery 8 months ago. Pre-surgery I could climax within 5 minutes watching pornographic videos; now it usually takes more than 30 minutes of concentrated effort and continuous handiwork to get there. Sometimes after a half hour I just give up altogether. The building blocks sensations leading to orgasm just is not happening. My surgeon says nothing happened during my implantation that would cause anorgasmia and I've no and tri-mix urethral gels, Oxytocin nasal spray and Cabergoline. I've been on daily Tadalafil 5 mg for years and ingest another 30-40 mg a few hours before playtime. Still can't climb the hill, let alone get over it. Any successful treatment ideas would certainly be welcomed.